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Buy New or Used Textbooks & Schoolbooks Singapore | Carousell in Singapore

Buy new and used textbooks in Singapore! Shop for primary school textbooks, secondary school textbooks and university textbooks online!


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Buy used textbooks for school in Singapore on Carousell

Reminisce your growing up years, and you'll remember that textbooks have been a big part of it. You have to purchase textbooks for school for over a decade. It's commonly a yearly affair, and it can sometimes be as often as twice a year for new books. Typically, your parents are in charge of buying new textbooks. Keeping the books in good condition usually depends on how practical your school book can be in a few years time. The school syllabus sometimes gets revised, and that will render some of your textbooks irrelevant. So, what happens to the old and out-of-date textbooks that you don't use anymore? Most of them are huge, and they take up a lot of cupboard space or storage. If you want to declutter and free up space for things that matter more, you have two options. You either give it away, or you sell them. If you chose the second option, you could decide to sell your second-hand textbooks on Carousell. The Carousell community in Singapore buys and sells textbooks in our marketplace. The demand and supply are there, considering how many books you have to purchase throughout your educational years. Sell used textbooks on Carousell so you can pass on the knowledge you've learnt to the next student who needs a book at a lower price to save money. Wondering where to buy textbooks in Singapore? Browse a variety of cheap used textbooks and purchase books for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Undergraduate studies. Primary school textbooks, Secondary school textbooks and University textbooks are especially prevalent in our marketplace. The cost of used textbooks on Carousell is lower than the books sold at the school bookstores. You can get bargains on familiar subjects like Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English and History.

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