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New and Used Cameras for Sale in Singapore

Buying expensive professional-quality Cameras can be a dent in your bank balance, especially if you are at a learning phase of it. Then, what can be a solution? The solution is opting for a pre-owned camera. This will be the best solution to your problems, along with bringing the pre-owned camera, which is the perfect condition to be used to its maximum capacity.

Carousell is among the most trusted platforms in Singapore to buy used products. It was Carousell’s idea for doing this so that there is some alternative for the people to be able to meet their requirements while not having to spend so much of their savings. Thus, it came up with the idea of bringing both the seller and the user a place to buy their used products which are in a condition to be used for a couple of years more while giving an alternative to the buyer to get their needs fulfilled.

Carousell has a range of cameras from polaroids to DSLRs and many more to choose from. Not only the top cameras but all its accessories like the lenses, camera bags, filters, tripods, and whatnot. This is not the end; there are also many companies and brands to choose from, be it the top brands with the most luxurious products or the ones with more reasonable and affordable prices. Even if you have some specifications, you can use the filter option to make a list desirable as per your needs. Some of the leading brands available on Carousell are Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, LG, Toshiba, Minolta, Pentax, Panasonic, and several others.

Coming to the point of how are the sellers or how can one trust them? Then, you don’t have to worry, as Carousell has taken it into consideration, and only authentic sellers can be found on the platform. They not only verify the papers regarding a product but also look into the product and what it has to offer. But Carousell, for your aid, has a chat window where you can ask your questions and get them resolved directly by the seller. If the seller wishes, you can get their contact information and even meet them and see the product for yourself. One can even go for hand-to-hand delivery of the purchased products.

There are many times that the seller is willing to sell the whole camera thing with all its accessories and equipment, so if you are lucky, you can get a good enough deal which will be in some of the best purchases that you made. While some of the sellers will prefer selling separately, you can always ask them if they want to make the deal. There are also various filter options available on the website to help you narrow down on the products you desire to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are only used products available on Carousell?

No, Carousell deals with both brand-new as well as second-hand products. Carousell promotes the idea of saving the environment by reducing the carbon footprint along with providing the people with a better alternative of buying quality goods that do not form a dent in the pocket of the customers, and they could have the option of getting the required goods at a lesser price.

Will Carousell help with a refund?

Yes, Carousell will provide you with a refund, but only if the payment is made using the protection scheme. Carousell makes sure of no frauds, thus, a seller is verified before they sign up for sale. But if you still want a refund, the team at Carousell will help you with it.

Is the facility of free shipping available with Carousell?

Yes, free shipping is something that Carousell offers to its customers for certain products. Most of the products are equipped with free shipping, but you might need to pay shipping charges for certain products as per the preference of the seller. You may opt for a pick-up option as well in order to eliminate any shipping costs involved in the transaction.

What are the expected prices for a camera?

The prices are subject to what type of camera you are purchasing, the quality of the lens, the quality of IOS, its ability to attach lenses, the company, and many more factors. The price for a simple point-and-shoot camera will start around S$ 130, while the high-end DSLR cameras will cost you around S$ 4350 or more.

Can I inspect the product before purchase?

Yes, you can contact the seller through the chat option available on Carousell, or directly if the contact details are provided, and ask for a physical check of the product before payment. But this facility is available under the discretion of the seller only and must be requested before any payment has been made against the purchase.