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New and Used Electrical Adapters and Sockets for Sale in Singapore

Carousell offers a robust online platform where buyers and sellers can easily buy and sell used products (as well as new products) at very fair and affordable prices. The reason behind the creation of this platform was to help in slowing down the process of environmental degradation, which is being caused by the increasing amount of electronic waste. Not only is the environment being benefited, but also, it makes it easier for people to buy all their goods and items at affordable prices and fulfil all their needs and requirements without breaking the bank.

Electrical sockets and adapters are very useful items in day-to-day life. These electrical sockets and adapters are available on Carousell as brand-new products as well as used products. The list of items available on Carousell in this category includes a power extension cord with USB, AC plug electrical wall socket timer, multi-socket power extension bar, smart timer switch socket, and many more. Where a brand-new product will cost you around S$ 40, a pre-owned might cost you around S$ 20, which is almost half the money in comparison to the price of a new product. One more for Carousell supporting the concept of pre-owned products is that this brings an item to its maximum using capacity.

The prices of these electrical adapters and sockets depend on various things; these can be the extra length that the cord is offering, the number of sockets you are getting, the material used to build it, the load it can take, and the company manufacturing it. Sometimes even the design can be responsible for the high prices. Carousell has many brands and models which are being sold on the website in both the fresh and used categories.

After understanding the two categories and the reason behind the variations in the prices, let us look at the subcategories of used goods. These are further divided into new, used, and well-used; this will also determine the price of the adapters. While buying a used adapter or socket, you can rest assured that there won’t be any type of fraud as Carousell verifies each seller with their documents and papers. Also, you can talk to the seller through the chat option provided. You can even meet the seller and have a look at the product you are buying if the seller has provided their contact information and is willing to abide by your wish.

Apart from these, if you are willing to buy a brand-new product from Carousell, we urge you to read all the instructions and the product description given. Before you make the transaction, make sure that you have read all the information regarding the warranty period, the durability, and the exchange or return policy. You can opt for either the pick-up location or can go for home delivery, whichever best suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carousell more focused on the sale of brand-new products?

No, this is far from the truth. Carousell is more focused on the sale of used products. Nevertheless, we also sell brand new products.

What prices can one expect for an electrical adapter or socket?

As mentioned above, the prices vary with the change in company and model. But for an approximate idea, a brand-new one will cost around S$ 40 while a used one will cost you around S$ 20. But as said, they are just for an idea; they may differ.

Can we get free shipping with Carousell?

Yes, most of the products fall under the free-shipping option in Singapore, but there are certain situations under which one might be asked to pay some amount as a shipping fee, but these conditions are very rare, thus making free-shipping possible and covering most of the products.

Is it safe to buy at Carousell?

Yes, it is very safe and secure to make purchases through Carousell. Not only are they registered but also licensed for the business. They have some very strict rules and regulations that are required to be followed by most of the sellers; being unable to meet them might put them in legal trouble. Also, there are terms and conditions prescribed for the buyers as well, which they are advised to follow. Carousell always tries to make their interface more friendly for the user, therefore, making it even easier to buy products through their platform.

Can we ask for a refund?

Yes, a refund is possible, but only when the purchase is made using the protection policy. This is mentioned with each product, and most of them are under this policy. Also, there are certain situations and circumstances under which one can ask for a refund; these can be read on the website.

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