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New and Used Video Game Consoles for Sale in Singapore

Most gaming enthusiasts would find the process of searching and finding video game products very tedious process. Gaming products are limited, and availability in showrooms is not stable. Shopping online is the preferred and easiest way to find your favourite games and gaming equipment at the best deals and find them in stock. Even products that are not readily found in showrooms can be found on Carousell and reach your doorstep within a short period.

Carousell has made available the entertainment of video games at a more accessible budget range in the section of second-hand and preowned products. Find premium quality, perfectly functioning second-hand video game products, accessories, consoles, CDs, memory cards, motion detectors, webcams, gaming mics and headsets, keyboards, controllers, and much more, all in the same place. Carousell offers the best brands of the video gaming industry at the best available prices.

The leading video game entertainment brands that are available on Carousell are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Find older models of Sony PlayStation such as PS3, PS4, and PS5 in second-hand conditions, and if you are lucky enough, you may as well find them in brand new conditions through sellers trying to clear up older stocks. Older Video game models that are not available in the market can be found in second-hand or preowned status yet in perfect conditions. The portable Sony PSP is a constant favourite for customers on Carousell.

Find the latest Sony PS models and their respective accessories as well as their famed CDs and their latest versions. Get the modern gaming experience with Motion controllers and motion-triggered detectors that provide virtual reality gaming. Explore the world of gaming in virtual reality gaming systems, motion sensors, motion-activated role play games, and multiplayer games on Carousell. Find all the required equipment for video games on Carousell and give yourself the ultimate gaming experience.

The Xbox 360 and Kinect from Microsoft are two of the globally famous models, especially because of their exclusive games’ collections. The latest games designed exclusively for these models feature top-notch graphics. Games like Fortnite, GTA, Call of Duty, Fallout, Minecraft, and FIFA are the common favourites and commonly traded on Carousell.

The Nintendo Wii and DS models, the switch and switch lite are still at large and found extensively on Carousell. Find Nintendo video game collections like Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and Pokémon series, and other such evergreen classics in the gaming CD section.

Carousell provides a safe platform for sellers and buyers to network and get the best deals and offers on both used and new products. Carousell filters help you navigate through the multiple options to find the best-suited ones that fit your preferences. Caroupay feature and Carousell protection plans provide extra security for sellers and buyers. The listing policies eliminate ingenuine listing. The user-friendly platform is easy to access. Free shipping is offered for select products. Carousell offers complete liberty to the buyer to select their preferred method of pick up or delivery. The buyer can pick their preferred courier company too. Establish direct communication with buyer and seller without the interference of unnecessary loss in commissions or sales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is buying video games and consoles on Carousell safe?

Carousell is one of the safest platforms online to purchase new and used products. Video games and consoles for sale in Singapore in both new and used conditions can be found on Carousell. The listing policies ensure that the authenticity of the platform is maintained. Features like Caroupay and Carousell protection plan deliver safer transactions that are only transferred after the confirmation of safe delivery of the product.

How much do video games and consoles cost on Carousell?

The simpler and preowned video games can cost around S$ 60, and the latest models can range around S$ 400. There are several options in terms of model, brand, and condition. Used or second-hand products cost less. Find used video games, gaming accessories, consoles, controls, CDs, and gaming systems in perfect working conditions at lower prices.

What are the payment options on Carousell?

Carousell allows both credit and debit card payments from VISA and Mastercard. The DBSPaylah is another option. The Caroupay feature ensures safer transactions.

What if my video game CD does not work?

In the unlikely situation that a purchased video game does not work, you can contact the sellers directly regarding refunds and returns. Any issues that further arise can be communicated with the Carousell support team.

What brands of video games and consoles can I find on Carousell?

Carousell features almost all the video game equipment available in the market in both new and used conditions. The best brands for video games and consoles for sale in Singapore available on Carousell are Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Vita, and Kinect.

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