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New and Used SIM Cards for Sale in Singapore

In the present times, we all own multiple mobile phones and at least two phone numbers, probably one for work and one for socializing. We love having somewhat unique numbers or those that have a whimsical twist to them, and most of the time we end up spending an exorbitant amount of money to avail those numbers. But not anymore. Carousell offers readily available second-hand sim cards and used phone numbers for sale at very affordable prices, and free shipping. Get your lucky phone number now!

We all have the daily expenses that we just can't do without, that we hardly ever want to exhaust our pockets by buying brand new gadgets, and exorbitantly expensive brand names. Thus buying second-hand is your answer to shopping for great quality electronics at amazing bargains.

Apart from saving money, and availing of the deals and offers, buying second-hand also helps to save the environment. The present ecological imbalance is due to the excess of non-biodegradable waste, and chemicals from the electronics industry, which is increasing with the flourishing digitalization.

Carousell offers a platform from where you can sell and buy used products. You always have the option of buying fresh products as well. The products include the major appliances and their accessories, subparts, and other things.

With the advancement of technology, sim cards have become a major part of our lives. Our dependence on them for cellular communication has grown in the last decade. So many

Carousell offers some of the greatest deals on sim cards. Auspicious numbers, VIP numbers, top-up cards, international calling cards, and many more are available starting at an available price of S$15, and higher as per the type of sim chosen.

Auspicious numbers are always in postpaid plans as well as prepaid plans. Most of the prepaid plans come with 100 GB of cellular data and Local SMSes, valid for 100 days. The cost of the sim card under these specifications is around S$500.

Most of the listed local sim cards, with pre-paid plans, come with Roaming Data, Local calls and SMS, and international calls with additional charges. The incoming calls are free for all local sim cards.

Carousell offers free shipping with the Carousell Protection Plan, promoting a free and easy experience and a smooth purchase. Under the plan, the order is dispatched within 5 days of acceptance, and shipped with an assured zero damage risk. A choice of meet-up or delivery is provided to the sellers, for utmost convenience.

Before initiating the transaction, the buyer is requested to inspect the warranty period, the durability, and the validity of the said documents.

The in-app Carousell Protection enables you to initiate safe transactions, refunds and promises data protection throughout the experience. Buying gaming desktops has never been easier and with Carousell, it’s now cheaper!

To show your interest in the products, you can contact the seller with Carousell’s online chat section or call them directly with the provided contact details in the product description.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to keep in mind while buying used products from Carousell?

Before making the final transaction for the product you wish to buy, please consider resolving your apprehensions, or any doubts about the product, its documents, the shipping, the product’s authenticity, etc. Making sure that you have read all the information regarding the product is an obligatory measure to avoid online fraud.

Is buying on Carousell easy?

Unlike any other website, buying at Carousell is pretty easy. Customers are required to keep track of information displayed for them, make sure to remember their choices and choose only when they have found the perfect fit for them.

Is Carousell the right place to buy used goods?

Carousell is a safe place to buy both used and new goods. Carousell has rules and instructions to protect both the consumer and the seller from fraud and incompatible products. They are also safe as they are registered and licensed businesses making it all the more trustable source.

Are all the kinds of sim cards available for the customer to purchase?

Yes, from international sim cards to auspicious numbers and local sims, Carousell has all the required categories to choose from. Even second-hand products have a long list to choose from. So, if you are someone planning to buy from Carousell, you don’t have to worry about having a plethora of options.

Does Carousell ship internationally?

Carousell does not ship internationally. Carousell Singapore can process orders placed within Singapore, guaranteed within 5-7 days if you’re a Carousell Protection member.

Can I track my order on Carousell?

Carousell issues regular updates through messages or emails to the registered contact details. From the time of purchase through dispatch till it reaches the buyer, the product can be tracked through the regular notifications from Carousell.

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