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New and Used Video Game Controllers for Sale in Singapore

Carousell is a platform where you can buy and sell pre-owned products as well as brand-new products at extremely attractive prices. Purchasing products on Carousell is not only pocket-friendly, but it also helps the ecosystem. While there is a wide range of products available on Carousell, one of the most popular categories is that of used video game controllers.

While buying video games, one also needs to get game controllers to play them. While people like to buy the latest video game versions, one can go give pre-owned game controllers. Not only will they allow users to enjoy an immersive gaming experience, but they will also save some bucks, which can then be invested in buying different video games. There are many types of brands and variety available to choose from on Carousell, such as Thrustmaster T300RS GT with pedal mod, Xbox Wireless Controller Robot White, Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Controller Game Controller Gamepad Joypad, PS 5 DualSense Controller, Logitech Driving Force GT, and numerous others.

Along with buying pre-owned game controllers, you can also buy brand-new game controllers on Carousell. Most of the top brands are listed there when you scroll through the page, but if you have any particular specifications, you can use the filter option on the page and enter all the required details to get the most suitable option for your requirements.

At Carousell, the sellers are verified before being listed on the platform. If you are still apprehensive, you can use the chat window and ask all the questions from the seller. If the seller is willing, you can go and have a real-time meeting where you can check the products and verify for yourself. Here you can even ask for the documents, and if it suits you, you can buy the product there itself. This is when you finalize the product, but if you are still choosing, there are various brands and categories to choose from.

Most of the products listed on Carousell are available with the facility of free shipping, but for some products or sellers, buyers might need to pay the applicable shipping charges. Buyers also have the option of choosing from the preferred shipping method to receive their products with the option of home delivery of products. Customers can also opt for the pick-up option of products if the seller is willing to comply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I want a refund after returning a product?

Yes, with Carousell, you can get a refund, but the condition is that the payment must be made using the protection scheme, thus making it eligible for the refund. Apart from this, under certain special conditions, one can also get a refund; for this, one needs to read the terms and conditions.

What can be the price expectations of a game controller?

The prices vary with different companies and brands. If you are going for a used product, then also many factors will determine the price of a game controller. If you are buying a new piece, then the brand, the manufacturing company, the market demand, the warranty period, and many such factors will determine the price of the product. The prices vary between S$ 20 to S$ 300 depending on the condition of the product and the brand.

How to make a transaction on Carousell?

That is up to the preference of the seller, but we advise you to read all the product information carefully. The product description will help you in understanding the product and whether that suits your requirements or not. Then we suggest you get the information regarding the warranty period, durability, protection policy, and all such details. Once done with all this, you can go on for the final transaction.

Can I see the product before buying?

This depends on the seller; if the seller has provided the contact information, then you can take the conversation out of the chat window and ask the required questions to the seller. You can ask them if they are ready for an offline meeting and if they could show you the product you are interested in buying. You can even choose to have a hand-to-hand delivery. But this all depends on if the seller is as willing as you are.

Is Carousell a safe place to buy pre-owned items?

Yes, Carousell is safe as it is an authentic platform that has both the license and permission from the authorities to carry out this work. If we talk about the seller and the buyers, then Carousell has some really strict policies that are required to be followed by them at any cost. Similarly, when a seller puts up their product for sale, then they are required to verify their documents and product so that there is no scope of trouble from the end of the seller.

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