Best Aluminium, Windows & Grilles service providers in Singapore 2022

Want to keep your house secure and add a modern touch to it at the same time? Install aluminium windows and grilles at home. You can book the best aluminium windows and grilles services on Carousell at affordable prices. Our aluminium windows and grille service providers have decades of experience and are professional HDB license holders. They also specialize in designing customized aluminium casements, bifold doors and sliding windows. Our service providers are HDB and BCA licensed holders with decades of experience in aluminium windows and grilles installation. You can avail of single aluminum windows and grilles services on the Carousell's website or make a customized package that includes various windows and grilles services. Whether you want to add sliding aluminium window grilles, or doors in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet, or balcony, Carousell has got you covered. The following are some of the advantages of booking aluminium windows and grilles services on Carousell: 1. Free onsite evaluation and quotation 2. Disposal of existing grilles 3. A large variety of aluminium grille patterns 4. Licensed HDB contractors listed on the website. 5. No extra costs or hidden charges 6. Quality aluminium grilles provided directly from factory 7. BCA trained window installer 8. One year warranty on accessories 9. Bifold and swinging glass doors for balconies So, head on to Carousell's website and get aluminium windows and grilles installed in your house in no time.

Aluminium, Windows & Grilles in Singapore

If you are going to move into a new HDB or BTO house in Singapore, you will have to install windows and grilles all by yourself as the HDB houses do not have pre-installed grilles. As a first time home owner, it can be difficult to choose strong and durable material for grilles. You will have to consider various factors like durability, pricing, design, and maintenance. One material that ticks all these factors is aluminium. It is strong and durable in comparison to other materials for windows and grilles like UPVC or wood, and can last for decades with minimum maintenance. Aluminium windows and grilles will also give a modern touch to your home. Not that you have finalized aluminium, you need to find the best window and grille installation service. Carousell has made this task simpler for you. No more worrying about finding the best professional services for aluminium window and grille installation. Carousell helps you connect with skilled aluminium window and grille service providers who have years of experience. They build and install casement windows, bifold aluminium doors and windows, invisible grille, and offer other necessary window and grille installation services according to your home requirements. Carousell offers the following most common aluminium window and grille services for condo, HDB, and BTO houses. 1. Aluminium sliding window installation 2. Aluminium sliding grille installation 3. Aluminium slide and swing toilet door 4. Aluminium casement window installation 5. Aluminum bifold balcony glass door installation 6. Sliding windows and grille with a list friendly design 7. Invisible grille installation in balcony and window. The contractors also offer customized aluminium and grille installation as per the space in your windows or balconies. You can avail of their basic services individually, or ask the contractor to create a customized package for aluminium window and grille installation service. Booking aluminium window and grille service on Carousell is extremely simple. You have to visit the website, search for aluminium window or grille installation service, find relevant contractors according to your requirements and customer ratings. You can contact the service providers by sending a customized message along with an offer price. Grilles and windows are important in a home but no one wants to spend a lot of money on installation of these items. Carousell aluminium window and grille bifold and sliding door arrangements make it convenient for you to enjoy the weather while sitting in your balcony and close to your window. The aluminium grille in the balcony keeps your house protected, especially if you have kids. On Carousell, you can seek the most trustworthy and efficient aluminium windows and grille installation services in Singapore at reasonable prices. The cost of grille installation is service yard $600-$880 depending on the size and thickness of the grille. The bifold aluminium window can cost you around $450. Install aluminium windows and grilles in your home to protect your home from harsh weather and intruders, and keep your children and pets safe with bifold and sliding doors. Check out Carousell's website today and book aluminium window and grille services with just one click!

Frequently Asked Questions

Carousell is the one-stop solution for all aluminium window and grille requirements at homes and offices. You can book a plethora of aluminium windows and grilles services on Carousell like aluminium sliding window installation, aluminium sliding and bifold grille installation, aluminium casement window installation, and invisible grille installation in balconies. These services are offered by skilled professionals with years of experience in aluminium windows and grilles installation.

Yes, aluminium windows and grilles services on Carousell are reliable and trustworthy. We list professional service providers on your website who possess necessary skills and professional experience in window and grille services. They ensure timely delivery of service so that you don't have to face any inconvenience during window and grille installation. If you are still unsure, you can check out the website and see the ratings and reviews provided by our existing customers for completed projects.

The cost of aluminium windows and grilles service on Carousell varies according to the size and width of the grille, quality of aluminium used, number of service availed, and time taken to complete the work. The average cost of window grilles is $600-$880 whereas bifold windows can cost you $450.

It is necessary to install aluminium windows and grilles in your home before you move into the house, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Bifold and sliding windows and grilles keep your house secure and clean. They also give an aesthetic vibe to the house or office. Aluminium windows and grilles are durable. Once installed, you won't have to change them for 10-15 years.

Aluminium windows and grilles installation does not require a lot of time. It can usually be completed within a day in 3 or 4 bedroom apartments. However, for buildings and large commercial spaces, it can take a few weeks. You must confirm the expected delivery date of the service from the contractor before they start the work.