Best Wallpaper service providers in Singapore 2022

Want to change the designs of your home or office walls but don't want to invest a lot on wall paints? Wallpapers can be the best choice to cover the walls of your home and make them look modern. But you need to find experts for wallpaper installation who know how to install wallpapers on various types of wall coatings. Check out Carousell's website for the most efficient and trustworthy wallpaper installation services in Singapore! Wallpaper installation requires a lot of work like removing the old wallpaper, repairing cracks in the walls, filling in the holes, removing textures and drills, and deglossing the enamel paint on the walls. No wonder wallpaper installation can create a mess at your home. Not if you book services from Carousell, though. Our service providers take precautionary measures like using plastic sheets on furniture to keep your home clean. They work in an organized manner to avoid any hassles for you. Here's why booking wallpaper installation services on Carousell will be beneficial for you: 1. Get wallpaper installed from HDB licensed contractors. 2. Contactors have wallpaper stocks available. You do not have to pre-order or wait for weeks to get the wallpaper. 3. Fast turnaround time. 4. No hidden charges. Check out Carousell's website and book the trained professionals for high quality wallpaper installation services today!

Wallpaper in Singapore

Wall paints usually chip off in a few years and give a disheveled look to your home interior. If you are looking for a sustainable solution to make the walls of your home appear aesthetic, you can consider wallpapers instead of wall paints. Installing wallpapers is one of the best ways to make your home look designer and modern without investing a lot of money. But it is not something that you can go by yourself. You need professionals to put designer wallpapers and give a beautiful makeover to your house. Check out Carousell to get the best wallpaper services for your home. With Carousell's wallpaper services, you can redecorate your living room, bedroom, kids' room, balcony, or your office effortlessly. No more worrying about choosing fancy wallpapers, coordinating them with the furniture, and installing the wallpaper. You might be tempted to install the wallpaper yourself but it can be difficult, especially if you want to install wallpapers on big walls with high ceilings. Wallpaper installation requires skill and right technique, otherwise it can leave gaps on the wall which gives an uneven appearance. It can make people get the wrong impression of your house. Therefore, you must hire professionals with significant experience in wallpaper installation. You don't have to look for professional wallpaper services in Singapore on any platform other than Carousell. It is your one-stop destination to hire a variety of wallpaper services. You will find a plethora of wallpaper installation contractors on Carousell's website. Go through various service providers on the website and compare their services, ratings, and customer feedback to book the best wallpaper services for your home or office renovation. You can check the pricing offered by the contractors or make an offer for the services by sending a message through Carousell. You can book the following wallpaper services on Carousell: 1. Wallpaper installation 2. Wall mural 3. Wallpaper sticker installation 4. Toilet floor sticker installation 5. Marble wallpaper 6. Anti slip toilet flooring 7. Tile wallpaper 8. Tile sticker 9. 3D wallpaper installation 10. Removing wallpaper. You can avail any of these services separately or ask the contractor for a customized package if you want many services together. Whichever service you choose on Carousell, affordability and efficiency is guaranteed. Once you book the service, the contractor will visit your home or office, understand the requirements, and give you a free quotation for the entire service. This ensures that there will be no hidden charges. The starting range of wallpaper installation services on Carousell is $40. The job of Carousell's service providers is not limited to using the latest tools and techniques to install wallpapers in your home. They understand your requirements, guide you through the installation process, and help you select premium quality wallpapers that match your home. The contractors are well aware about the different types of wall paints and how to install wallpapers on different types of wall coverings. They fill in holes, clean the walls, and repair wall damages for smooth wallpaper installation. Once you book the wallpaper services on Carousell, you can sit back and relax, and allow our service providers to deliver the desired results. It's time to move on from traditional wall colour paints to designer or customised wallpapers to make your home interior more appealing. Book painting services at Carousell today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Carousell offers a variety of wallpaper services for both residential or commercial places. You can get beautiful wallpapers installed in all the rooms of your house to make it look modern and appealing. Carousell wallpaper services include old wallpaper removal, new wallpaper installation, plastering the wall for smooth wallpaper application, 2D and 3D wallpaper installation, and spray painting.

Yes, wallpapers are durable. Once installed, you do not need new wallpapers for at least 10 years unless you desire to change it. If you avail of wallpaper services on Carousell, we ensure that you get premium quality wallpapers for your home or office so that you don't have to worry about the wallpaper coming off in a few years.

Carousell is one of the most popular and trustworthy platforms to book wallpaper and other home services in Singapore. We aim to deliver the best services possible at affordable rates. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. The entire process of hiring and paying for the service is transparent so you are always updated. We have provided wallpaper services to numerous people before. You can visit our website to check the ratings and reviews given by our existing customers.

Carousell offers the most affordable wallpaper installation services in Singapore. The cost of wallpaper installation services starts at $40 and can go up to $300 depending on the requirements, type of services availed, package, quality of wallpapers, and more. The cost of wallpaper installation can also increase if the walls need to be repaired before wallpaper installation.

Wallpaper installation is an easy process that requires only a few hours. It can be completed in a day. However, if can take a few days if you want to install wallpapers in many rooms. Carousell ensures efficient and on-time delivery of wallpaper services. You must ask the expected turnaround time from the service-provider before the project starts.