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  • s1111 . review from seller 6 years ago

    A buyer that's like a friend, super easy to deal with, very trustworthy and even goes to the extend of being generous to the seller (how often do you hear that). Definitely highly recommended to deal with anytime. Thanks for being one of the coolest buyers on Carousell brother.

    shah25 Clock Icon 6 years ago

    Nice dealing with u too brother..

  • nickchua77 . review from seller 7 years ago

    A typical malay who like to fly kite or aeroplane. Good luck when dealing with him :p Wat do you mean wait so long ? You confirm meet 2.30pm then fly kite. After that say collect tomorrow. Call you again you say dun want. $48, u offer $45 I accepted. Better deal ??? U mean someone give u FOC izit ? Hahaha.... Pls look at all my previous buyers before you comment 😉😝

    shah25 Clock Icon 7 years ago

    U need to improve in ur response time.. u make me wait so long.. don't blame me for that n stop giving negative feedbacks when the fault is urs.. got a better deal than urs BTW. .