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Singapore   ∙   Joined 6y 4m


Very Responsive

Started this plant journey mid 2020. I had a lot of questions and uncertainty in the beginning but have since overcome most. I know what pain beginners are facing and my goal is to help address and ensure success in your planting journey.



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  • makespaceformoree 3 hours ago

    Third time in like 2 weeks or something.. really happy with all my purchases thus far and good advice/download knowledge session as per usual.. Got to learn much more about plants despite being relatively new, really appreciate! In a few words, friendly, awesome & reallllll helpful 👍🏻🙏🏻

    Philodendron burle marx fantasy


  • teemk86-03185 1 day ago

    Good seller, good product 👍

  • mamami.ah 2 days ago

    Nice variegated m.adansonii albo ❤️ seller was responsive to queries and prompt to assure quality. Easy going on meet up as well :) thank you!

    variegated monstera adansonii albo


  • honie0810 2 days ago

    Friendly seller, quick responses and shares tips to help keep the plant healthy. My 2nd purchase, thanks again and til next time 👍👍

    Variegated Monstera aurea


  • alsomabel 3 days ago

    Always happy dealing with seller! Very convenient and fuss free, super knowledgeable on the plants he sells (:

    monstera karstenianum peru variegated


  • green.corner 4 days ago

    Great exp, patient seller with great collection. Help me root the plant for another week. Will buy from him again if i have chance.

    Monstera albo


  • triplese7en 4 days ago

    Second time purchase… still maintain an excellent after sales service and provide useful plant care advise. A 5-Star recommended seller!

    Philodendron burle marx fantasy


  • mnhash 4 days ago

    Fast and courteous response from seller. The Philodendron Burle Marx’s Fantasy was as described and reasonably priced. Seller accepted paynow which makes online shopping a breeze. Quite accommodating when discussing about meet up timing. Excellent Carousell experience. Recommended seller. would deal with him if given the chance.

    philodendron burle marx fantasy


  • titopong 4 days ago

    Hard to resist

    Philodendron Longilobatum lelano miyano


  • takuya_san 5 days ago

    Great seller that is communicative and friendly! Thanks for the tips on the care of the plant too!

    Philodendron burle marx fantasy


  • makespaceformoree 6 days ago

    Great tips from seller once again, second purchase with a third coming real soon.. Really generous with the tips, can’t wait to chat again in time to come, thanks a lot! Really friendly HAHA

    philodendron domesticum variegated


  • coco6907 7 days ago

    Nice and helpful seller. Will buy more from him again.

    Monstera albo(sectorial)


  • 3sgjeffery 16 days ago

    Thank you for making the extra effort to meet and guide me along. I hope I can grow it well.

    Variegated Monstera albo


  • cedric.yap 20 days ago

    Very responsive , quick and knowledgeable seller . Strongly recommend ! Do also share his knowledge and experience within the community.

    Variegated Monstera adansonii aurea


  • joeytyy 21 days ago

    Friendly guy with amazing plants! Not my first purchase and will certainly buy from him again 😃

    Philodendron bicolor bi color


  • zekacheek 23 days ago

    Quick and responsive seller

    Variegated Monstera aurea


  • titopong 24 days ago

    Very fine specimen that is hard to resist. I’m not sure but I might come back for more tomorrow. Haha. Highly recommended.

    bottom cutting philodendron joepii


  • fatneto84 29 days ago

    Great and responsive seller, willing to give tips on plant care. Easy to access collection place 👍

    variegated monstera adansonii mint cloud


  • adeylim 29 days ago

    Friendly and generous seller who gave lots of detailed tips on caring for the plant. Highly recommend!

    Variegation monstera aurea


  • green_gaia 30 days ago

    Really pleasant transaction with friendly buyer 🙏⭐️⭐️