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    beeepy review from seller1 year ago

    Buyer seemed decisive and the transaction was done within 1.5h of his first message. Item was opened for him to check and he had no issues. Buyer also did not tell me of any problems via message. Buyer then left a bad review saying that he's unsatisfied with the item and it was miscategorised, when the item was listed exactly as shown on the box....? Can anyone tell me how I can list it better..?

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    manualtoto review from seller1 year ago
    Easygoing buyer

    Easygoing buyer

    Easy going and fast sale



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    kimbb_defuture review from seller2 years ago

    Thanks for u support me 🙏🏻✨

    kishan9226 Clock Icon 2 years ago

    You are welcome

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    yellowmeadow review from seller3 years ago

    Fuss free and responsive buyer! Recommended

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    manekneknyonya review from seller3 years ago

    first red light. sudden change of meetup location. then...sent a "friend" over and he made a long phone call and finally walks away without a single word. i mean...if you dont wsnt it..u could just say right? video put up. measurements too...and still this??? one of the strangest meetups ever.

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    gadgetempire88 review from seller3 years ago

    Very patient and understanding buyer

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    savemoresg review from seller3 years ago

    Fast deal with a a great buyer. Thank you for the support!

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    fsga1701 review from seller3 years ago

    Good buyer

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    happysusan795 review from seller3 years ago

    quick & precise buyer, thank you🙏

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    mindabin review from seller3 years ago

    Fast and sincere buyer. Transaction took place within a couple hours.

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    digbug review from seller3 years ago

    Was giving away my 3 year old functioning but noisy Samsung 12 kg machine. About 6-7 wanted this. But kishan9226 demonstrated his sincerity is a few ways. He showed me a picture of his truck, his commitment to bring 4 men to carry and even up to date gps location to let me know where is he! I am glad I gave the washer to him and his team. He told me he is confident to repair it to fix the noisy.