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    jijosh review from seller1 year ago

    No 👎 😞 response after accepting offer

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    lawson113640 review from buyer8 years ago

    Appreciate the seller went all the way and delivered the items to my house. Prompt replies and good communication. Highly recommended.

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    kk_mikey review from seller8 years ago

    Pleasant deal. Thanks for picking up the item.

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    waruta review from seller8 years ago

    Buyer strung me along for three days with minimal communication, finally culminating in an excuse about a sick friend, and whether I could send the item to him first without payment. Stay away from this buyer!

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    TC2222 review from seller8 years ago

    Agree with other posts. This guy is a waste of space ! Made offer which I accepted then never heard from him again.

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    singleisbeautiful review from buyer8 years ago

    good seller.

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    littleearthling review from seller9 years ago

    No reply after making a deal. Other sellers pls take note before accepting offer from this buyer. Waste of time.

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    monbijou review from seller9 years ago

    MIA Buyer on meetup!!! Offered to purchased items but call and message no reply up to today. Messages and phone call were totally ignored. What is purpose of giving people your cellphone number when u don't reaponse? Do not have the courtesy to reply people to inform still want or not the item. Irresponsible buyer!

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    yogi.kutti review from seller9 years ago

    Offered to purchase item but subsequently no reply. When msg to check if still interested after 5 days of waiting still no reply till date.