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Singapore Β Β βˆ™Β Β  Joined 7y 1m


Very Responsive

1⃣ 🚫exchange, refund or return 2⃣ Check thoroughly before dealing 3⃣ Deal @ stated location unless specified 4⃣ FCFS Basis



Β Β out of 5Β Β (183 Reviews)
  • βˆ™ 2 months ago


  • j3abychris βˆ™ 3 months ago

    Best buyer ! Come all the way from northeast to eat meet up for deal !

    Xenon Light Bulbs


  • writerightsingapore βˆ™ 5 months ago

    Great seller to deal with and hassle free πŸ‘

    Mercedes Benz GLA 180 Front Grill


  • ahben888 βˆ™ 5 months ago

    thanks for the easy and smooth transaction. steady buyer πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • ferrislong βˆ™ 6 months ago

    Easy going chap, look forward to see his new build

  • thanhtaik βˆ™ 6 months ago

    Easy going buyer

  • luthery βˆ™ 7 months ago

    thank you!

  • wonderwoman21 βˆ™ 8 months ago

    Fast and decisive buyer

  • happy9shopping βˆ™ 8 months ago

    very nice customer and thanks your trust

  • paperboy βˆ™ 8 months ago

    Friendly and polite buyer! Transaction is smooth like butter! Highly recommended! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • kanank βˆ™ 8 months ago

    Good seller, easy to deal, recomended

    G501V Asus Gaming Laptop


  • peruk1ll βˆ™ 9 months ago

    epic toy its still in a good condition it was just a bit

    Transformers Decepticon


  • am3838 βˆ™ 10 months ago

    Smooth and fast transaction. Nice seller. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Toyota Hiace original rim cover


  • ben1000 βˆ™ 10 months ago

    great buyer to deal with

  • samee1987 βˆ™ 10 months ago

    seller is accomodating.. willing to negotiate and compromised to my late pick up hours.. fast and pleasant deal..

    White wooden cabinet


  • tallboy88 βˆ™ 11 months ago

    Great buyer, friendly and fuss free

  • my_hobby βˆ™ 11 months ago

    The meetup was pleasant, fast and decisive. Thank you.

  • dartan07 βˆ™ 11 months ago

    It was a pleasant transaction and all is good. Buyer was punctual and nice to deal with him. Ride safe and cheers

  • jkminn βˆ™ 11 months ago

    Super fast deal and super efficient seller! It was such a pleasure dealing with you, πŸ’― recommend !

    Fitted Cap


  • βˆ™ 11 months ago

    Nice n sincere fella.... thanks dude