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    funfunlah review from buyer6 months ago (edited)

    Thank you for the seller for sending my orders to my house within a day even though it was heavy rain . My mum loves the rocking chair

    Follow-up review

    Bought a $35 LED light at the same time, hardly have chance to use it , and already totally not working within less than a week. Seller initially did respond and asked to sent a photo of e cable and will try buy the cable to replace for me. But after that just don’t bother to even respond even I tried to contact

    Rocking chair

    Clock Icon 5 months ago (edited)
    1988jiangjialiang Clock Icon 4 months ago (edited)

    I have politely replied that I can refund you. The goods were damaged after being sent out for over a week. I have apologized and also asked about your account, but you did not reply

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    wagyuwholesale review from buyer6 months ago


    Christmas tree