Best Toilet Renovation service providers in Singapore 2022

Looking to modernise or revamp your bathroom's decor? Count on Carousell to provide you the best toilet renovation services in town to make your renovation easy and affordable! Putting money into a custom bathroom makeover will inevitably raise the appeal and value of your house. You can boost mobility, expand storage space, reduce clutter, and more with the newest toilet renovation features! With quality services at the best prices, on Carousell, you can now easily incorporate lovely design accents to enhance the appearance and comfort of your bathroom. Based on our distinctive screening of service providers, our dependable and skilled service listings and contractors provide competitive prices. These contractors offer services based on a variety of criteria, including dependability, skill, a track record of quality work, price, and more. In this method, we can guarantee that we give the greatest product at the lowest cost. To create the design of your desires, you can also collaborate with custom toilet designers enlisted on Carousell. You can select a look that meets your demands, from stunning style cabinets and floors to bespoke countertops! Here’s how you benefit by opting for Carousell for your toilet renovation: 1. Attractive & Functional Bathroom Designs 2. On Site Consultation 3. Full Service Bathroom Remodelling 4. Most Reliable Toilet Renovation Services 5. Custom Toilet Remodelling 6. Exceptional Customer Service 7. Affordable Competitive Pricing

Toilet Renovation in Singapore

Toilet renovation is one great way to freshen up an outdated and drab-looking bathroom to make it look cleaner and in sync with the rest of the home decor. Opting for toilet renovation services saves you from the mess as they are both time-saving and cost-effective. Hence, you can spend time with your friends or work without worrying about your pending toilet renovation project. Professional renovators list their services on Carousell, offering multiple services to help you save your time and effort. The service providers are highly skilled and experienced in woodwork, painting, plumbing, and other renovation-related projects. From an extensive list of toilet renovators available on Carousell, you can simply choose the service provider that fits your needs and aligns with your budget. Ultimately, no hassle or negotiations are required when it comes to the 'money' part. You can also find complete toilet renovation packages on Carousell that include everything from tiles overlay to painting within a day or two. There are multiple packages available that offer distinctive services in an affordable range. For instance, if you only want to revamp the ceiling and partition, you can choose the package that specifically offers only those two services. There are also many listed service providers that offer Bathroom & Toilet renovation services and packages that can be fully customised to your needs. To make the process easy for you, we offer a range of extensive filters that you can apply to make your search results more specific. Let's say if you only require woodwork, you can simply tick the 'Carpentry' box under the 'More Filters' section. You won't even need to hire additional personnel for other menial tasks, such as maintaining the plumbing or painting, when you choose Carousell’s enlisted toilet renovation services. From selecting materials and fixtures to expertly installing them, these trained bathroom renovation technicians offer to walk you through every step of the renovation process and ensure that the work is done correctly, on schedule, and within your specified budget. Ultimately, these professionals take on responsibility for the complete project with a guarantee of top-notch quality in order to make the renovation process hassle-free and convenient for you. And that's why Carousell is your one-stop destination for the best toilet renovation services in town. Our website offers a plethora of services and a huge variety of companies under a single platform for you to choose from. These services include: 1. Tiling 2. Hacking 3. Retile Toilet 4. Overlay bathrooms 5. Anti-slip flooring 6. Flooring & Masonry When it comes to the pricing part, you can find HDB Toilet Packages from authentic renovators & builders at a cost as low as $1000. You can find a comprehensive and affordable range of renovation outfit options, including bathroom renovations, all under one platform. We also ensure that the service providers are genuine, and can handle your renovation project with a focus on quality workmanship and service. Now you can just sit back and relax knowing your bathroom is in reliable and capable hands. You can easily choose and book the renovation services by visiting our website or getting in touch with our team to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a wide range of popular bathroom and toilet renovation service options that can be further customised according to your needs. Usually, when you opt for a complete bathroom renovation, it includes some basic things like: 1. Hacking 2. Plumbing work for new piping 3. New tile finish 4. Waterproofing works 5. Shower screen 6. New bath fixtures 7. Overlay bathrooms 8. Anti slip flooring 9. Retile Toilet

Toilet renovation can sometimes take only a few days while in some cases, it can extend to as long as five weeks. It totally banks on the style and intricacy of the toilet. However, on Caraousell, you can find renovators that provide instant services and can redo your toilet in just a day.

Yes, you can. However, it may cost you some mishappenings around wiring, plumbing, and framing since you're not a professional. Bathroom renovation can definitely be stressful which is why you should hire professionals as they have the expertise and can do the work neatly & within a short frame of time.

On average you will be spending about S$4,000–S$7,000 on an entire toilet renovation. Of course, these costs are indicative and relative. You will have to take into account the materials and finishes you are opting for.

You get more than 47 services including tiling, hacking demolition, plumbing, flooring, carpentry, painting, etc. You can also opt-in for packaged toilet renovation offers and even further customise them as per your requirements.

Customers speak for Carousell’s top-notch and exemplary service options. From quick responses by our enlisted renovators' teams to 24-hour availability and skilled workers, you can definitely trust Carousell to provide you with the best options near you for toilet renovation. Head to our review section to know why our customers love Carousell.