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Singapore   ∙   Joined 6y 1m


Very Responsive

No MIA, dead buyers. Let's not waste each other's time. Be gracious & kind. Nobody owes u anything. No lowballing, don't make yourself look like a cheapskate.



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  • nlynfrlnmrfl 10 days ago

    Seller is very accommodating. Though I made some inconvenience yet she was still very nice. Thank you so much and really sorry.

    Pregnancy wedge


  • ambaari 23 days ago

    seller is very accommodative, very happy with my purchase. dresses look much better than in picture. will surely look for other purchases 😊👍

    Girl's top


  • cutie1998 24 days ago

    Smooth transaction:) Thanks!

  • Thank you for the blessing. 👍👍

    Blessing toddler's pillow


  • sereene 1 month ago

    Really nice Carouseller who was very patient in waiting for me to be free to go and collect her free item. She was really nice about it, and I appreciate her kindness.

  • myspringsales 1 month ago

    Thanks for blessing. Nice and polite lady!

    Blessing mini cups


  • bluediamond24 1 month ago

    Reliable seller. Excellent communicator and very helpful. Will deal again without a doubt

  • seows 2 months ago

    Friendly buyer who came all the way to self collect. Thank you!:)

  • what2020 2 months ago

    freindly and nice buyer

  • kindbeardear 2 months ago

    Nice & friendly seller.

    Blessing Chinese book


  • kindbeardear 2 months ago

    Nice & friendly seller.

    Blessing books


  • kindbeardear 2 months ago

    Nice & friendly seller.

    Blessing precious moments old calendar


  • zingabelle 2 months ago

    Straightforward and hassle free buyer. Easy to deal :)

  • jas34yan 2 months ago

    Very understanding buyer. Fuss free and easy transaction. 👍

  • scorpio_gin 2 months ago

    pleasant and hassle free transaction.

    Blessing kid's room decor


  • den333 2 months ago

    Giver is very nice to give away , “The Bible Promise Book” to my nephew ... Thank you so much ... God bless ! 🙏🏼

    Blessing Christian books


  • papow 2 months ago

    thank you so much, im bless with your free books

    Blessing Christian books


  • mtfujiapple 3 months ago

    very very pleasant to deal with, highly recommend 👍👍👍

    Blessing soft toys


  • bubblegum18 3 months ago

    Seller is responsive, friendly, polite, and generous!! A very highly recommended seller! Thanks so much!! 😊😊😊😊😊

  • usagi_ng 3 months ago

    Super friendly and nice seller. Prompt in response. Thank you so much for the deal.