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Mostly Responsive

🎉LOWEST PRICE; FREE NM🎉 Limited Stocks- Act fast 😊 Curated designs sourced personally 💕 Minimalistic & trendy apparel ☺️ 📬: FREE NM within 48h 💰: All modes avail/ Meetups *saving for uni exchg! thks for supporting*



  out of 5  (343 Reviews)
  • extqz 9 hours ago

    very nice & fast seller! :)

    Fayth Palette Printed Cami


  • fundingtx 2 days ago

    Buyer was really pleasant and polite, thank you for accommodating with the location as well! :) highly recommended!

  • koolbriz 7 days ago

    Prompt reply. Very easy. Thank you for your interest in buying my item. Hope you will like it

  • twinklingly 24 days ago

    Sincere buyer! Second time dealing with her. Thank you!!

  • jinni_jinni 27 days ago

    Nice and sincere buyer, hassle-free and pleasant transaction. Hope you will like the dress.

  • linglovesyou 1 month ago

    Very nice seller that sent out my parcel so promptly. Item received in good condition too!

    Fayth Mayflower Midi Dress


  • hazelnutloves 2 months ago

    Very sincere buyer who is prompt in response and punctual :)

  • lovehappiness07 2 months ago

    Buyer is very pleasant and decisive. 😊

  • blogshopxflower 2 months ago

    Fast transaction, thank you! :)

    BNWT TEM Raoul Relaxed Blouse


  • thrift.itt 2 months ago

    Thanks for the lovely dress and fuss free deal!

    TEM Shailyn Broderie Dress


  • bananabakes 3 months ago

    Super responsive seller, collection was smooth and the item is true to picture!! Thanks so much for accommodating :) great person to transact with! ☺️

    BNWT TCL Kyras Floral Dress


  • notaly 3 months ago

    great seller! ☺️🤍

    BNWT Asher Shorts Tinsel Rack TTR


  • lydyhykh 3 months ago

    Thanks for being such a pleasant and polite buyer !

  • hareandtortoise 3 months ago

    Seller is responsive and accommodating on meet up time and place. Received item in good condition. Thanks!

    BNWT TCL Capella Eyelet Dress


  • booptietootie 3 months ago

    smooth transaction, seller was rly nice enough to come to my convi, wld recommend :)!

    BNWT TCL Jude Linen Dress


  • joyoyo 3 months ago

    Very pleasant transaction. She is prompt in responses and was very accommodating too

  • wanqing1210 3 months ago

    The whole buying process is very fast and i got my dress really fast, just in time for cny too. Highly recommended and can be trusted!

    BNWT TTR Casey Babydoll Dress


  • hokay 3 months ago

    responsive & friendly seller!! thank you very much 👍🏼

  • littlestartree 5 months ago

    Nice meet up 👍 customer very responsive and punctual !

  • tipszywipszy 5 months ago

    seller was nice and friendly, pleasant transaction! :)

    BNWT TCL Darcy Frayed Pants