Best Sofa Cleaning service providers in Singapore 2022

The sofa is a valuable part of the furniture, and when you're investing in expensive furniture, you expect that they are going to last for a long period. By disassembling your sofa and clearing it separately from the other home surfaces, you make an effort to maintain it clean. Even if you clean spills right away, certain stains could creep into the sofas' fabric. Getting rid of these hidden issues is simply what professional sofa cleaning experts do. Hiring a professional sofa cleaning service is the best method to make sure that bacteria and other germs are removed from the sofa. The sofa cleaning service dealers at Carousell provide cleaning experts who are professionally trained with years of experience and use eco-friendly cleaning products to guarantee that your sofa cleaning is handled with extreme care. Additionally, our sofa cleaning cleaning experts are supervised by a skilled associate who makes sure they uphold a 100% customer service guarantee. When you hire your preferred sofa deep cleaning experts from service dealers listed on Carousell, you are assured of the cost-effective cleaning service that will ensure the withdrawal of your safety deposit. For sofa cleaning service you will get different types of sofa cleaning options which includes sofa deep cleaning, dry cleaning, chemical cleaning, sofa steam cleaning, and carbon cleaning. There are more than 100 sofa cleaning service dealers registered on Carousell. Using the Carousell platform, you can book your sofa cleaners to arrive at a time that's convenient for you. Once after visiting our website you can go through the list of sofa cleaning service providers and can simply get a free over-the-phone assessment with your preferred service provider and book a date for your home/apartment or office sofa cleaning. Here's how you benefit by opting for Carousell for your sofa deep cleaning: 1. Most Reliable Sofa Cleaning Services. 2. Affordable And Effective Solution. 3. Professional Service Providers with Years of Experience. 4. On-Site consultation. 5. Customer feedback and satisfaction.

Sofa Cleaning in Singapore

The most common types of furniture in offices and households are sofas and upholstery sets, especially as they are one of the centrepieces of our home, regardless of whether you want to spend on upscale furniture or air on the side of less expensive items. It's in a high-traffic area where you can have your morning coffee, read a book there, or gather with friends to binge-watch your favourite TV show. Because of this, even if you and your family are tidy freaks, it's likely to accumulate all kinds of stains, spills, and smudges over the years. Entrusting your sofa steam cleaning job to an inexperienced sofa cleaner might get you an uncleaned, germ and bacteria-ridden Job and lead to a damaged sofa, that's why getting your couch/sofa professionally cleaned is a great way to ensure that it stays on top condition for years to come. On Carousell you will get the best sofa deep cleaning service providers in Singapore. The sofa cleaning experts listed on Carousell provide a hassle-free affordable sofa deep cleaning service at the convenience and comfort of your home. Once after filling out your preferred requirements on Carousell, You will be matched with several local sofas cleaning Singapore, service providers who are available and have the required skill sets and tools. Additionally, you will be able to read their bios as well as customer reviews and ratings, which will inform you of their level of expertise. We make sure that every sofa cleaning service dealer listed there, provides a staff that is well-trained and equipped and provides you with a wonderful experience. Our cleaning experts use eco-friendly products in all their cleaning processes to protect your health and your family. You can also personalize what you want to be cleaned, how you want it done and when it takes place. You can also find complete sofa cleaning service packages on Carousell. To make the process easy for you, we offer a range of extensive filters that you can apply to make your search results more specific. Though, sofas require regular professional cleaning services to maintain their comfort, here is the list of professional sofa cleaning methods which can be only performed by experts; 1. Steam Heat Extraction Method: Dust or any unhygienic particles can be removed from the surface of the sofa using a high-temperature steam heat extraction method. This technique ensures that there won't be any wet or soggy residue by removing extra moisture together with dirt and dust. As a result, there will be a significant reduction in fabric shrinking, and the whole sofa can be cleaned in a matter of hours. 2. Carbonation/bubble Cleaning: Carbonating/ bubble cleaning keeps the sofa in like-new condition while simulating Mother Nature's natural cleaning process. Barely 4 to 6 hours are needed to complete the cleaning. 3. Chemical Cleaning: Chemically protected products which are stable on all types of fabrics including leather are used in chemical cleaning. With a special dry shampoo encapsulation technique, filth and entrenched particles are effectively removed, and minimal drying time is required. You can almost instantly sit down after the cleaning is completed. 4. Foam cleaning method: A foam solution is manually applied to the sofa, pushed onto the stains, and then allowed to test for some time. Once the area is vacuumed, you will get a neat and fragrant sofa. There are many different methods available, you can simply choose your desired sofa cleaning method according to your requirements and budget and whether the cleaning is an urgent one. You can get your sofa deep cleaning service done within 24 hours of booking. You can also select your preferred day and time for your service and get instant affordable pricing. When it comes to the pricing part, sofa cleaning price will vary depending on the kind of service you need, the cleanliness level and the number of tasks to perform. As per estimated rates you can find sofa cleaning services from experienced and professional cleaners at a cost as low as S$100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sofa cleaning requires special equipment. First, the sofa is inspected to make note of any tears or other damage. Then, the fabric is deep cleaned which includes vacuuming, conditioning, rinsing and vacuum drying. Another method used to clean the sofa is hot-water extraction, also known as Steam Cleaning.

Depending on how dirty or frequently you use your sofa, you should hire a cleaning service at least once every six months or once a year.

According to the cleaning experts, the whole procedure for sofa cleaning usually takes 4-6 hours. Though this method is longer, it is appreciated because it leaves a protective barrier on the surface of your sofa. And the kind of service chosen also plays a role in how long it takes.

You get more than 100 sofa cleaning service dealers on Carousell. You can also opt-in for packaged sofa cleaning offers and even further customise them as per your requirements.

If there is anything at all that is worth mentioning is that the service rendered is satisfactory. They are responsive, reliable, and provide reasonable rates. On Carousell you will get trusted and reputable sofa cleaning service providers.