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in: Aircon Services

Over 70 highly-reviewed aircon servicing, aircon chemical wash, repair and installation services in Singapore.

Thousands of 5-star rated aircon servicing, aircon chemical wash, repair and installation in Singapore at affordable prices.


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Find the Best Aircon Servicing in Singapore on Carousell

Looking for aircon servicing in Singapore? Find cheap aircon servicing and chemical wash services near you. With over 70 five-star reviews, these recommended aircon service professionals will get the job done ASAP.

Aircon Servicing Singapore Price

Aircon cleaning services in Singapore can be engaged based on one-time cleaning or a scheduled as contract-based maintenance, usually 4 times a here. In this section, we share the average prices of maintaining the performance of your aircon units for all needs and the reasons why you should do it regularly. 

Average rates based on the number of air-conditioning units for Ad-Hoc servicing at Residential properties:

1 Unit (with condenser) = $40

2 Units (with condenser) = $55

3 Units (with condenser) = $70

4 Units (with condenser) = $85

5 Units (with condenser) = $100

6 Units (with condenser) = $115

* Typically for 7 fan coil units and above, you can sometimes negotiate for a good rate

However, if you use your aircon units daily, you probably want to service them more regularly. Servicing your units regularly could save you more in the longer run and here's why:

- Maintain the integrity of the system and minimise the likelihood of your aircon units breaking down or annoying problems like water leaking from the units

- Improve aircon efficiency and durability, so your aircon units don't have to work harder than they have to 

- Save on total maintenance cost for the year, especially for chemical overhaul, when you purchase the services on a contract basis with discounts.

- Most importantly, enjoy cleaner air quality with better cooling efficiency of your units all year around.

Here are the average prices for 4 aircon servicings a year, one every quarter, based on the number of air-conditioning units for Contract-based servicing at Residential properties:

1 Unit (with condenser) = $150 / a year

2 Units (with condenser) = $200 / a year

3 Units (with condenser) = $250 / a year

4 Units (with condenser) = $320 / a year

5 Units (with condenser) = $400 / a year

6 Units (with condenser) = $460 / a year

***For commercial properties, the servicing the aircon systems are usually more expensive. and they roughly cost 80-90% more than the prices listed above for residential properties

Aircon Servicing Singapore Review:

See what users have to say about aircon services on Carousell.

@superbreezeaircon - 5 stars

Highly recommended to get them for aircon servicing. They provide good services and also charge reasonable pricing. Do check them out for aircon servicing!.

@airtrons - 5 stars

Very happy with the service provided. They are very knowledgeable about aircons. Well recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions about Aircon Servicing in Singapore

How often should the aircon be serviced?

You should service your aircon at least once a year, whether you use it often or not. An aircon that's switched on daily needs to be serviced once every 2 to 3 months.

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