Carousell Safety Policy

Carousell Safety Policy

Fight scams with us! If you’re dealing via delivery, you must use the ‘Buy’ button.

We’re on the same team, don’t let the scammers win!

At Carousell, we want you to buy and sell with confidence. Scammers may try to spoil the fun, but we can outsmart them. 🧠👈🏻  In line with Singapore's Online Criminal Harms Act (OCHA) and its Code of Practice for E-Commerce Services, we crafted a Safety Policy to fight e-commerce scams. Here are the highlights.

Keep your chats on Carousell, never take them to other messaging channels.

1. You're not allowed to share emails and links in Chat—that’s how scammers strike!

2. You can share your mobile number to coordinate meet-ups, but do so with caution. Stranger danger.

3. In categories like Services, we get that things can be more urgent or complex (e.g. bursting toilet pipes? 😱), so some listings may have a ‘WhatsApp’ button for you to contact the seller ASAP.

As a buyer…

- If you’re receiving your order via delivery, you must only pay via the ‘Buy’ button. Transferring money to a stranger puts you at risk of scams.

- When dealing via meet-up, only pay at the meet-up, after laying eyes on the item 👀

 As a seller…

- If you’re dealing via delivery, you must only collect payment via the ‘Buy’ button.

- If your listing doesn’t have a ‘Buy’ button, you must only complete the deal via a meet-up and collect payment at the meet-up. You must not include delivery options in your listings.

If we detect behaviours similar to known scam patterns or policy violations, we’ll ask for Singpass verification.

We’ll implement this added layer of security starting June, so you can continue to use Carousell with peace of mind 😌

Carousell and the Singapore Police Force would like to advise users to remain vigilant and adopt the following precautionary measures:

- ADD ScamShield App and security features,

- CHECK for scam signs and with official sources

- TELL authorities, Carousell, family, and friends about scams.

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