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Looking for a resale condo in Singapore? We've got plenty of condo for sale and executive condo for sale, depending on your preferred price points. Find property for sale on Carousell now!

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Buying a Resale Condo in Singapore

Looking for a Singapore Condo for sale? Whether you're looking for the cheapest condo in Singapore or the more popular choices like The Interlace Condo and The Santorini Condo, Carousell has got you covered with plenty of choices! We've got a good range of options, from 2/3/4 bedroom units and great locations near the MRT, to even freehold condo apartments. You'll be sure to find your dream resale condo that works within your budget. Looking for condo units below 400k or 500k? Try using our wide range of filters to narrow down to your ideal choices. With filtering options like Nearest MRT, Floor Level, Property Type to even Unit Features, we make looking for your next home a breeze! Singapore Executive Condo vs Private Condo For Sale Great, you've decided to purchase a resale condo in Singapore! Before moving on to the next step, do the potential home-owners earn more or less than the income ceiling of $14,000? If your combined income exceeds the ceiling, you're unfortunately left with only the Private Condos for consideration! If you're on the other end of the spectrum and do not exceed the income ceiling, congrats! You're still eligible for CPF Housing Grants because Executive Condos (ECs) are still considered HDB properties for the first 10 years. Ready with your money and excited to start the search for your dream home? Carousell has got your covered with plenty of choices for both Executive Condos and Private Condos! Unable to afford a long-term stay in your dream condo or simply looking for a short lease? Try looking at Condos & ECs rental instead! Read Our Latest Property Related Blog Articles Rivercove Residences: Ultimate Guide To The Only EC Launch In 2018 Wallich Residence Expert Review

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