Best Painting service providers in Singapore 2022

Tired of plain and boring colours in your house? It is time to give a new look to your home by adding some vibrant colours on your walls and ceilings. Book professional painting services from Carousell and redecorate your home at minimum costs. We have partnered with hundreds of painting contractors in Singapore who have years of experience in remodeling BTO houses, HDB homes, condos, and commercial places. Check out the website for the best ratings and reviews of the painting services offered by Carousell. The contractors and their teams carry their professional tools for painting, cleaning equipment to wipe any paint on the floor or furniture, and cover sheets to protect your furniture. They plaster the walls and apply a minimum of two coats of premium quality paints on the walls and ceilings. Here are some of the most significant advantages of booking painting services from Carousell: 1. Two paint coats 2. No hidden charges 3. Free touchup once after delivery of service. 4. Complementary wall plastering 5. Complementary sanding of wall holes 6. Plastic cover sheets to protect the furniture and floor while painting 7. Floor cleaning and carpet rearrangement after painting. The complementary services vary for different contractors. However, the quality of services is of supreme importance to us and is never compromised. So, what's stopping you? Check out the website and book professional painting services on Carousell today!

Painting in Singapore

Life is too short to have boring colours around you, especially on the walls of your home. Dull and boring colours in your surroundings can make you feel gloomy and irritated whereas subtle and soothing colours are a treat to the eyes and can instantly brighten up your mood. So, if you are planning to give your house walls a colourful makeover, Carousell can be the ideal choice to book painting services. With a wide range of painting service providers on board, we can cater to all your home or office painting requirements at the most reasonable prices. Whether you want bright and vibrant shades or subtle pastel colours for your home, Carousell painting services can help you redesign your house walls according to a particular theme, your personality, or your mood. When it comes to home services, you should choose nothing but the best, especially if it is wall painting. House painting can seem like an easy job but it is not a piece of cake. Your entire house needs to have a theme and the rooms should be colour coordinated to give an aesthetic vibe to your place. However, choosing the right colour palette for your walls and paints of best quality is a challenging task. It can make a huge difference on the overall appearance of your home or office. Carousell provides you with a comprehensive range of cheapest painting services. Whether it's selecting the right shade or premium quality paints or painting the walls, our service providers deliver the best results. This is why you can rely on Carousell for the best painting services in Singapore. Painting service providers at Carousell are experts in painting both residential and commercial spaces. They have the required skill and experience to know what colour combinations work for which surroundings and how the lighting works, and which colours absorb or reflect light. They guide you through the entire house or office painting process and help you choose the best colours for your walls. Most importantly, they provide you with premium quality paints that enhance the beauty of your home and go well with the furniture and home decor. Here is a list of the most best painting services you can find on Carousell: 1. Wall and ceiling painting 2. Condo painting 3. HDB painting 4. BTO painting 5. 2 paint coats 6. Coat sealer 7. Interior/exterior painting 8. Plastering 9. Colour painting 10. Special effect painting 11. Oil painting 12. Multi-colour painting or colour blocking 13. Matte or glossy wall painting 14. Textured wall painting 15. Silk smooth painting 16. Acrylic emulsion painting 17. Enamel colour painting. The best part about availing of painting services from Carousell is the customised packages offered by contractors. The packages include several complementary benefits like anti mould ceiling for kitchen, one time touch-up, and patching small holes. Painting services on Carousell Singapore can cost you between $150-$3,000 depending upon the rooms to be painted, finishing required and the quality of paints. You can select the contractor according to the services they provide and their ratings. Make an offer to the contractor on the website and get your walls redesigned easily. Carousell is your go-to website for premium painting services at affordable rates. Whether you want a turquoise blue or sea blue, or any other particular colour, convey it to the contractors and leave it on them to paint your walls with the exact colour you desired. Still thinking? Visit Carousell's website today and book the best painting services in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions

Carousell offers comprehensive painting services for condos, BTO houses, HDB homes or commercial places. Painting services on Carousell include wall and ceiling painting, interior and exterior painting, plastering, double coats, and hole filling.

The cost of painting services on Carousell depends on various factors. These include finishing required, number of rooms or walls to be painted, quality of paints used, number of coats applied, and more. The average range for home painting services on Carousell is $150-$3,000. The average cost of painting a 3-room flat is $900 and a 4-room flat is $1200.

Carousell provides you with a list of the best painting service providers in Singapore who have years of experience in painting services. To ensure the credibility of services on Carousell, you can visit the website and go through the ratings and reviews provided by previous customers for various service providers.

House painting is completed within a day in the majority of cases. It takes around 6-8 hours to paint a 3 and 4 bedroom flat. However, in some cases, it might take a few days to complete the painting project if the walls have a lot of holes and require plastering. It is better to confirm the expected timeline for delivery of services from the contractor before the project starts.

Painting service providers on Carousell offer a plethora of wall painting services. You can choose from a wide range of interior and exterior wall paints and ceiling paints including acrylic paints, oil paints, enamel paints, matte or glossy paints, satin or velvety finish paints, and special effect paints.