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XL Anthurium Magnificum




Blk 112 McNair Road



3 years ago

A discount is possible for large orders, and free or paid delivery is negotiable depending on order size! Truly a magnificent beast, this anthurium offers the shiny velvety leaves and sparkly silver veins of other anthuriums (crystallinum, clarinervium, forgetii), but in an upsized version. A distinctive feature of this anthurium is that its petioles (the stems connecting to the leaves) have a square shape/cross-section. This plant has 2 LARGE leaves and 2 smaller leaves with some cosmetic damage. This plant comes fully rooted and in some light potting mix in a nursery pot (collection bare root is possible, at the same price; I will just remove from the potting mix) For this plant I would recommend bright but indirect light (no sunrays directly hitting the leaves), but most philodendron can do decently well in medium indirect light. Care is pretty similar to other Anthuriums and Aroids, for me personally I provide a light potting mix with plenty of drainage elements (50% or less of coco peat, and remainder a mix of small coco chips, rice husk, perlite, vermiculite, depending on what I have on hand). Anthurium in the wild are epiphytic, meaning they grow on the bark of trees, or rocks, or other things in nature, and typically do not do well with a lot of soil/peat in the potting mix. Watering schedule depends on various elements (glazed/unglazed ceramic/plastic pot, size of pot, brightness/heat that the plant is receiving, drainage level of the potting mix), water whenever the top few cm of potting mix is dry, or use a moisture meter (3-4 days for my own set-up at home). Tags: Aroid Anthurium Crystallinum Clarinervium Forgetii


Other locations are possible, depending on my schedule. Delivery is possible for large orders



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Friendly and decisive buyer. Nice to meet a fellow collector. Enjoy your item and thanks for the purchase 💐

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Easygoing buyer, pleasant transaction. Thank you!

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Sincere and Fast deal buyer, highly recommended and Thanks for support.

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