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Wealth Advisory / Business Risk and Reward Specialist

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I was a fresh grad, didn’t know what to do. These were my options. 1) Employee 2) Further Studies 3) Family business 4) Own business 5) Insurance It’s quite a story, but let me try to be as concise as possible! PM me if you want to know more. :) Glad to share with you. 1) I closed the door to the corporate world because I didn’t want to lose control of my income, time and career progression. I realised that if I were to just follow everyone, I would end up like everyone. So why not try the road less travelled and have control of my income, time, and career progression!? 2) I enjoy learning, but I didn’t see that as my career. Just wasn’t my cup of tea and it lacks the progression I wanted 3) Family businesses are touchy. Many potential conflicts/politics working together. My brother worked with my parents, quarrelled and disagreed on many issues and this strained their relationships. It just is not worth it. 4) I know where I stand and know that I am too ill equipped! Only 2% of businesses survive and do well in the long run. It’s too big a risk though I loved the perks and the potential it has! I wanted an option that was more certain but yet have the perks of running my own business. 5) The financial planning career fit this. I am essentially running my own business, have control over my income, time and career progression. Plus the nature of the business is a beautiful one. Helping protect lives, protect businesses, building life long friendships. Ok, I better stop here, i get really passionate when I talk about it. 😅 That is why I am not looking for anyone that is open to the career, but I look out for 3 traits. 1) Compassionate 2) Committed 3) Coachable If you have these traits in you and you want to build a satisfying and lucrative career, come apply. Help your friends, family and clients build a safe and prudent future using tailored solutions! We are a fast growing, young and vibrant family! We saw 40+% growth in a Covid stricken year! Most importantly, we carry out our business grounded on values and if we succeed, we won’t succeed at any expense, we would only succeed with character. Let’s meet and we’ll see if you fit the career and if the career fits you!

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Income really has no limit! I personally earned quite abit in my 2 years so far. (Enough to buy a brand new Audi Q2) Bonus (up to 40% of your entire year’s production!) Incentives (Fully paid holidays, cash incentives) True value of this role: Control of your time Control of your income Control of your career progression (directorship possible in 5 years) Personal development Amazing working culture and environment The list goes on. PM me to find out more, let’s meet and chat. Limited to 3 vacancies

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21 years old and above. Only local Diploma, A levels or Bachelor degree and above


Singaporean and PR may apply

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2020 Nov

buyer is decisive and sincere, payment was prompt and the deal was smoothly executed! thank you for your purchase 🙆🏻‍♀️