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3 weeks ago

"Swimming should be FUN, ENJOYABLE and PRODUCTIVE for all age groups! " (Coach Winston) Coach Winston is an experienced Adult and Children swim coach. He has taught both in Singapore and the USA. ---------------------------- The following are his coaching credentials and philosophy🙂: 🏊Swimming - SSGA Certified (Singapore) - Macy Pool Coaching Team (USA . New York City) - Life Guard Trained (USA) ⛑️Medical - Underwater Paramedical (RSN) - Hyperbaric Medical First Aid(RSN) - Adult, Children and Infant CPR (NCPRF) - AED qualified (NCPRF) - Emergency First Aid trained (NCPRF) 🤽Coaching Philosophy: "I am a strong believer in learning through play, understanding and exploration. Skills acquisition is important, but it is secondary to building confidence and truly enjoying being one with the water💦! Many teach for the sake of teaching and rush to teach drills and skills. I often see students struggling to 'perform' the strokes that make no sense to them🤔! As a result, they lost interest and found swimming difficult and unproductive. All learners are different and unique with different pace of learning, so it is important to take time to observe, listen and to customize a curriculum that is suitable for each swimmer. I believe that learning through UNDERSTANDING😇 is the key to good progress. My focus is to teach learners to relax and to avoid 'fighting' against the water😇. Once learners are relaxed and confident in water, learning techniques becomes easy and enjoyable! (Coach Winston)

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