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SgBred 'Korean Melody Shark' Venus Flytrap. 7cm x 7cm Pot.




Blk 818C Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1 Keat Hong Mirage



6 days ago

Korean Melody Shark is a very unusual and rare Venus Flytrap. The petioles (the long part of the leaf that supports the trap) of Korean Melody Shark lack flanges, and therefore resemble jungle vines, sometimes curling around in squiggly shapes. The traps are uniquely shaped like music notes, and are colored a pleasing light tangerine color. The cilia are even unique, with a jagged sawtooth-like pattern. Overall, about as unique of a flytrap as you can find, and really out-of-this-world looking. Here in VFTKingSg, our VFTs are tissue-culture cultivated from parent plants that have established in our hot weather. You can rest assure that our VFTs can grow well in your home. Care: 1) At least 3 hours of morning or late afternoon sun. Or bright indirect sunlight from a windowsill. Or using a growlight at 12h cycle. 2) Watering. Outdoors: Water with tap water daily. The live moss serves as an indicator of optimum watering. If you notice the edges of the moss turning brown or dry, you will need more watering. Alternatively, sit the pot in a tray filled with at least 1cm of water if you dont intend to water it daily. Indoors: Dont let the pot sit in water tray for prolonged periods. This will cause cyanobacteria blooms on the moss surface and root rot. When grown indoors, water only when the top layer is moderately dry. 3) No fertilisers needed. Feed plants with occasional small bugs not more than 1/3 the size of the traps. Feeding once a month suffices. 4) Pot VFT in full sphagnum moss. 5) VFTs develops vibrant colors under good lighting. 6) Repot after 6 to 9 months. Watch out for more interesting cultivars in the future.


PM for meet up. Please be specific with date and time.


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Abdul Rashid

Joined 6 years ago
Very Responsive
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@kelsont6 months ago

Fast and smooth transaction. Plant recieved looking healthy and well taken care of. Seller is knowledgeable in the field

@onhiatusslowreplies6 months ago

Seller was friendly! Meetup was also very smooth. VFT is as shown in the picture and described:) thank you for the deal!

@thebarney6 months ago

Friendly seller. Easy transaction. Plants looking healthy.

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