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1 week ago

each item $16. original. made in Germany. retailing at many shops for $25++ get yours today! serious buyers only! 1) brake and parts cleaner Dissolved resin and tar-type residues Removes oil and grease-based contaminants Evaporates quick and residue free High pressure for additional physical cleaning effect Easy-to-use on difficult to reach places thanks to the 360 ° valve Neutral towards rubber, nylon and plastic parts Brake & Parts Cleaner can be used for a wide range of professional and DIY applications Multi-Purpose Cleaner 9994 Brake & Parts Cleaner Brake & Parts Cleaner cleans and degreases components in the automotive and industrial sector. Primarily intended for brakes, clutches, transmissions and for assembly and repair work. Removes oil and grease stains from floor coverings, fabrics and clothes. 2) fuel injector cleaner Fuel Injector Cleaner is a professional product of the latest generation for all gasoline engines. The injection system is cleaned by the highly effective additives used with unattainable effectiveness. Used regularly, it restores the original state of the fuel system. It eliminates deposits in the entire fuel system such as e.g. tank, pipes, fuel pump, intake valves and injectors. Represents a full alternative to professional cleaning of injectors, it regenerates the injection system, as well as the fuel delivery components. Restores the performance of the engine to the original set up parameters. Properties Actively cleans injectors and valves Immediate results Increased power and torque of the engine Improved compression of the engine Smooth engine operation, reduces noise and vibration Lowers fuel consumption Binds excess water in the fuel system - protection against corrosion Improves emissions - Reduces CO2 and NOx emissions Applicable with all catalytic converters and exhaust gas after-treatment systems Application Suitable for all gasoline engines, even for gasoline engines of the latest generation with direct injection Can be used for both prevention and acute problem-solving It is recommended to use Fuel Injection Cleaner at each service interval Can be used for acute problem solving in case of high fuel consumption or engine malfunction A 300 ML can is sufficient for 50 liters of fuel 3) power up octane booster Power up octane booster is a special additive that improves the Properties of petrol. Specific combustion modifiers optimize the operation of modern high-tech petrol engines, improve combustion and boost the Octane number. Reduces detonation and starting difficulties, both of which occur when using low-octane or low-quality petrol. It reduces the emission of harmful substances and the toxicity of exhaust emissions. It promotes complete and effective fuel combustion, which indeed reduces fuel consumption. This product is recommended for engines with four-valve timing systems as well as for turbocharged engines. Properties Increases the octane number by 3 to 4 points depending on the RON of the gasoline Increased power and dynamics of the engine No harmful effects on catalytic converters or the environment Reduces and prevents pinging of the engine Avoids mechanical damage caused by pinging Reduces head build up under high engine load Can be used in leaded or unleaded petrol Economical and easy to use (1:300) Self-mixing Application Suitable for all Petrol engines turbocharged and non-turbocharged including the latest generation directly injected with exhaust treatment systems. Perfect useable on older engines with carburettors. 4) upholstery foam cleaner 5) tyre shine Tyre shine spray for long lasting deep shine, gives tyres the wet look without brush and water. Contains an increased amount of active ingredients and polymers that protect the tyre for a long time. The rubber is maintained and protected from cracking, premature ageing, UV rays and colour bleaching when used regularly. The deep black glossy look lasts for several weeks. Suitable for all types of tyres. Extremely easy to use: Clean the tyre, spray on thinly, let it take effect, finished. Forms a glossy, black protective film on the rubber surface. 6) aircon freshener Disinfect, neutralizes and removes unpleasant smells Pleasant lemon fragrance Immediate result Easy to use Application Start the engine and leave it running Set the following heating and ventilation conditions: air conditioner ON recirculation ON air distribution to the windshield temperature at high and fan speed to max Shake the can well for about 15 – 30 seconds Place the can in the intake area of the air circulation system (mostly passenger footwell) Press the spray head firmly until it locks Keep doors/windows closed for 10min Keep engine running and leave the doors open for another 10 minutes


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