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FREE study guides and lesson materials provided! With a Master's degree in Education and a background spanning 16 years as a specialist in the English language, I offer a personalised and immersive learning experience that guarantees significant improvement within 5 sessions! Having served as a tutor for over a decade and a half, my experience with over 100 PSLE students has honed my ability to customise my teaching approach to suit each individual. My teaching method focuses on creating captivating and engaging lessons that hold the interest of my students, facilitating effective and results oriented learning. I begin with a detailed evaluation during the first session, laying the groundwork for a customised educational approach. This early assessment is essential as it measures the student’s present level of English proficiency and identifies where improvement is needed. Based on this, I develop a set of personalised learning resources, making sure that every lesson is closely matched with my students' individual learning goals. My approach to teaching is focused on enhancing each student’s abilities to understand contextual clues, responses strategies and learn inferential skills, which are critical for excelling in Booklet B, especially in English comprehension. To achieve high academic standards in essay writing, students will be taught to enhance their understanding and skills in several key areas. These areas include techniques for content development, story expansion, learning to bridge gaps in narratives, and deepening their insight into character development. Below are additional writing techniques we will explore in my lessons, which are essential for achieving high scores in Composition: ➡️ Vivid Description: Crafting detailed and rich descriptions that draw readers into the scene. ➡️ Show, Not Tell: Demonstrating story elements through actions and senses rather than straightforward exposition. ➡️ Impactful Introduction: Creating a hook that captures the reader's interest from the very beginning. ➡️ Sentence Structure for Effect: Using varied sentence structures to create a desired impact or emotion. To complement these higher-order thinking skills, the classes will also concentrate on the fundamentals of grammar mastery and vocabulary building, ensuring a well-rounded grasp of the language. Educational resources, including study guides and lesson materials will be provided cost-free to reinforce learning and allow for continued practice outside of our sessions. I believe that progress is best nurtured through collaboration, which is why I maintain open and regular communication with parents. You will be kept informed of your child’s developmental milestones and achievements as we work together to guide them towards higher scores!

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Sonia Randhawa

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@kashvin12885 days ago

Sonia has greatly enhanced my child's English abilities by customising her lessons to suit his needs and pace. Her approach mixes patience with a structured format. Thanks to her support, he now excels in his school's English classes and receives commendations from his teachers. He eagerly anticipate his weekly sessions and I highly recommend her teaching methods. Thank you Sonia!

PSLE English Language Tuition


@serenatansh23 days ago

Miss Sonia has taught my child for a year and he has seen tremendous improvement with his English papers, especially with writing. She is able to motivate him well to strive harder, while providing step-by-step guidance towards a deeper understanding of the language. thank you so much!

PSLE English Language Tuition


@thehustling_owl25 days ago

Teacher Sonia has been teaching my two sons for four years, and they've really enjoyed her lessons.As a tutor she cares a lot about my sons and is invested in their progress. She is goal orientated and we could see improvements in just 1 month.A teacher noted my son's huge improvement in writing and understanding. Sonia's firm yet encouraging method is perfect for my boys.

PSLE English Language Tuition


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