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Peachy Fresh Baby Food 6M+ & 12M+: Purée/Multigrain Cookies







2 weeks ago

💕【Welcome to Boughtnex Official Store】 ❗️Local Stock, Ships out from Singapore within 24hrs ❗️100% Genuine Products ❗️Local Service Centre ❗️6 Months Local Warranty (Please leave us a 5 Star Photo Review to receive an additional 3 months Warranty) 🙆Service Centre/Collection Point: 🙆47 Tuas South Link 1, Tuas South Connection Singapore 636794 🙆Monday-Friday: 9 am - 6 pm (Closed on Public Holidays) 🙆Urgent Enquiries & Technical Support 🥗R01 - Pumpkin, Corn Milk & Potato Purée (6M+) It has a very smooth texture and although it is all vegetables, the corn milk gives it quite a sweet taste. Perfect choice for starter food. 🥗R02 - Apple, Mango & Banana Purée (6M+) Combination of flavours. Thai Nam Wah bananas are used, ensuring this recipe is nutritious as well as tasty. 🥗R03 - Banana, Cantaloupe & Potato Purée (6M+) Bananas and cantaloupe melon, this recipe has a high nutrition content and is also tasty. 🥗R04 - Mango, Sweet Potato & Carrot Purée (6M+) This fruit and vegetable combination is sweet to taste. It it great on its own or mixed with other ingredients such as rice porridge or even as a sauce with some chicken or fish. 🥗R05 - Apple, Spinach & Sweet Potato Purée (6M+) Many babies are reluctant to eat spinach on its own but this recipe seems to turn even the fussiest eaters into spinach fans. 🥗R08 - Apple Purée (6M+) Just pure apple purée made with apples from New Zealand; great for first foods as it only has the single ingredient. 🥗R12 - Pear Purée (6M+) Just pure pear purée, made with pears from New Zealand; great as a first food 🥗R19 - Corn Milk, Peas & Apple Purée (6M+) Sweet enough for that great taste, but enough nutrients for your baby's growth. 🥗R20 - Apple puree oats and prune juice (6M+) Breakfast or any time of day. The prunes can help if little one has constipation too. 🥗R23 - Fish with Spinach and Potato purée (7M+) The combination of fish with spinach and potato make this a filling but healthy savory dish to feed your baby. 🥗R09 - Chicken and Corn soup (7M+) Homemade style chicken and corn soup made using high quality S-Pure chicken meat from Betagro. 🥗R10 - Salmon + Brown rice Hot pot (7M+) Homemade style salmon + brown rice hot pot containing salmon from Norway which is combined with nutritious green peas and carrots as well as a brown rice as the carbohydrate source. 🥗R11 - Chicken and Tomato stew (7M+) Homemade style chicken and tomato stew made with S-Pure chicken from Betagro. There are strong flavors from the tomato and onion combination. 🥗R17 - Multigrain cookies mixed berry with quinoa and flaxseed (1Y+) Yummy, healthy cookies with mixed berries and healthy quinoa and flaxseed grains. 🥗R18 - Multigrain cookies – Apple with Quinoa and Flaxseed (1Y+) Yummy, healthy cookies with chunks of apple and healthy quinoa and flax seed grains. 🥗R27 - Multigrain cookies – Orange with Quinoa and Flaxseed (1Y+) The combination of fish with spinach and potato. Price R1 Pumpkin Corn Milk $2.75 R2 Apple Mango Puree $2.75 R3 Banana Cantaloupe $2.75 R4 Mango Sweet Potato $2.75 R5 Apple Spinach $2.75 R8 Apple Puree $2.75 R9 Chicken Corn Soup $4.95 R10 Salmon Hot Pot $4.95 R11 Chicken Stew $4.95 R12 Pear Puree $2.75 R17 Berries Cookies $2.75 R18 Apple Cookie $2.75 R19 Corn Peas Puree $2.75 R20 ApplePrune Juice $2.75 R23 FishSpinachPuree $4.95 R27 Orange Cookies $2.75 📦Package Includes: 1 x Peachy Baby Food (Selected menu)


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