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Onsite Car Fumigation Spa w/Conditioning Treatment (Eliminate Cockroaches in Your Car)



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1 week ago

◾Is your car getting more dirty during raining season? ◾Did you spot any unwanted cockroaches in your car? ◾Is your car getting lost of shine? ◾Does your car paint getting lots of scratches all over the exterior body? ◾Or you are looking for something and just want to get your car restore like new? 🔥We are On-Site Car Detailing Team🔥 Why spend the effort and travel down to the workshop when we are able to serve you directly at your doorstep? ⭕ This on-site detailing service 100% suitable and beneficial for people who are working from home, or even working at nightshift while resting at home during the day timing. For people who aren't able to send the car down to the workshop or those who are driving the weekend car! We are here to provide these convenient service for you! 🔹Mobile Car Spa Premium w/Fumigation - Price from $120 ✅ Exterior Wash ✅ Contaminate Clay Detail ✅ Application w/Hydrophobic Sealant ✅ Vehicle Pest Fumigation Treatment ✅ Interior Disinfectant Wipe Down ✅ Interior vacuum ✅ Interior Full Conditioning Work (Leather & Plastic Trim) ✅ New Car Scent ✅ Tyre Shine 💥No GST Charges Apply 💥No Surcharge Apply 💥No Hard Push Selling 💥Fixed Rates and Transparency Why Choose Unicar Cosmetic ✨ Certified IGL Coating Kenzo Master Applicator ✨ Certified Menzerna Car Detailer ✨ Singapore Business Award Winner on Most Reliable Car Restoration Company ✨ Singapore Prestige Award Winner ✨ Singapore Top Business Service & Quality Award Winner ✨ More than 15 years experience ✨ Compare with workshop, we don't serve walk-in and no one else. We have your 100% focus on your car! ✨ Honest and efficient delivery with positive (Lookout on our SGCarMarts, Google, Instagram or Facebook by searching unicarcosmetic) It is very important to keep well maintain on your car: 🔺 The cleanest sign of your vehicle represent your personal image and your character 🔺 Help to prevent the paintwork aging, if you spotted some COE car looks very good condition, it's because the owner actually taking good care of it. 🔺 Help to preserve the resale value, if there's 2 similar car happen to selling to a car dealer, 1 of it has well maintained while the other aren't. So which car will able to fetch a better selling price tag? You should know it well! [RESERVATION GUIDE] 📲 For booking, click on this link to WhatsApp us at

👉🏻 STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON RESERVATION: 1️⃣ Drop us your enquiry text with your vehicle type and your address location. 2️⃣ We will forward you our available dates, once confirm the date, we will secure the reservation for you. 3️⃣ We will drop you a text reminder when appointment date is near. 4️⃣ We will contact you again when we are arriving at your location. 5️⃣ Job will be serve at your mscp/basement carpark (for those staying at open surface carpark, we will help your to locate the nearest mscp base on the address postal code you had provide for us). Upon job completion we will proceed with the payment. Hurry, drop us a text and we will get back to you! Thank you ☺️ Visit our IG for more of our company gallery/portfolio:

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By appointment basis, please contact 86561118 for reservation 😊

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@scwd19994 months ago

Thanks Robert for doing a great job detailing my car! He even helped me get rid of some very tough marks on the car and it looks the best it’s been. Will definitely come back to him for my detailing needs, reliable, convenient and affordable!

🔥Unicar Cosmetic🔥The On-Site Car Detailing Service, We will come to your house to provide detailing service. We also provide car pest fumigation, polishing, waxing and coating service!


@etae.aon5 months ago

Thank you! I'm very pleased with the result. Last engagement with their service was few year back, their service never failed me as usual, very impressive with the workmanship and they are provide mobile house call which is even more convenient for me now.

🔥Unicar Cosmetic🔥The On-Site Car Detailing Service, We will come to your house to provide detailing service. We also provide car pest fumigation, polishing, waxing and coating service!


@gna.iewiz2 years ago

Sent my scirocco here for coating and was satisfied with the services provided. The advice given with products explanation clearly done by Robert! Will be back again for more

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