Official Signed by Girls Generation SNSD Yuri | The First Scene Promo Photo photo view 1
Official Signed by Girls Generation SNSD Yuri | The First Scene Promo Photo photo view 2

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Official Signed by Girls Generation SNSD Yuri | The First Scene Promo Photo


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3 weeks ago by lovebb1221


Description New. Official Signed. Limited piece. Not what u want and will have. I get my Friend who working at kpop agency company. she send randomly. so don't believe can don't buy. No one force u to buy. no need to be sarcastic like one kind. Photo are printed out but signature is not printed. so the photo color might faded due to is old photo but signature will not fade, u may try to scratch the signing area, if destroy don't blame anyone. 4R photo. It might be old signature or new signature. it based on during that time the idol signed it. kindly understand that the signatures not everytime, everything sign during event, Signature why got add words or what? ask the idol why add. dont ask me this kind of question. And dun ask why the signatures so messy,and got one small line come out of the line, why not like that, go and customize those chop name one. go and design the idol signature then chop la hoh. then will be sweet and nice, and dont sound like signing the signatures need ruler and measure the line need to be how many cm. Don't talk like a gangster n make a fuss. it so childish. and also which didn't work on me. And i no need to use this kind of method to bluff the fans as i am the kpop fans myself. take it or leave it. that it. Read t&c before drop order. anyone come and disturb will blacklisted as no time to entertain. First come first serve basis. Who make the payment first I will give who first. for payment I only hold for one day. no payment made will be release out to other buyers. For those reserved already but no payment no ans at the end of the day, in future want to get anything will be ignored. only when confirm want to buy then ask, don't ask question at different items a couple of times, when I reply and you read and mia, or saying can give other first. in the first place don't ask. will be blacklisted. don't waste time. shipping fee is free(normal mail) Strictly no meet up. only for sg buyer. strictly no overseas. payment by paynow or paylah. No caroupay. May dm me for paynow number. will mail out asap once receive payment. will provide mail proof when mail out.

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@e_bird5 hours ago

Seller delivered the photos promptly and it was packed well! Thank you :)

Official Signed by BTS Jungkook | Map of the Soul 7 Promo Photo 1 ( Short Cut Signed)

@pj.mmm7 hours ago

seller was friendly and item was received in good condition! :)

@ghaf1revo6 days ago

signed taeyeon photos r a 🫶🏻. had asked seller many qns but seller was v helpful and thorough in explanation. seller even told me the origin of the photo 🤩. got freebies holders as well, how much better can it get manz haha? delivery was tracked and fast, fee included in the price too so no nid for mental sums 😆

Official Signed by Girls Generation SNSD Taeyeon | WHY Promo Photo 3

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