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Orysamin is integrated with Gamma Oryzanol from Japanese germ, rice bran, and sesamin extract from black sesame. With advanced technology, it has important nutrients that are full of value and prevent diseases. Orysamin 与来自日本胚芽的 Gamma Oryzanol、米糠和来自黑芝麻的芝麻素相结合。 凭借先进的技术,它具有重要的营养价值可以预防疾病。 Gamma oryzanol It is an important and valuable substance from germ and rice bran that is selected from Japanese rice. The ability to resist free radicals is 6 times stronger than vitamin E, which helps prevent abnormal cells or cancer cells. Help to reduce blood lipid, cholesterol, LDL, and Triglyceride. Reduce the risk of Ischemic Heart Disease and strengthen blood vessels. Improve endorphin releasing and help to relieve stress for better sleep. Help to protect skin from UV. Restrain the function of tyrosinase to brighten the skin. Stimulate the growth of hormones. Reduce the loss of calcium and the risk of bone disease. Sesamin Extract It consists of Lignans with the following properties: Help to restrain degeneration of osteomalacia and reduce the risk of arthrosis while strengthening bone mass and preventing arthralgia and osteomalacia. Increase collagen and hyaluronic acid contents for keeping the moisture and flexibility of the skin. Help to burn fat while strengthening the muscle. Reduce absorption and synthesis of cholesterol in the blood. Help to reduce blood lipid levels while helping to prevent coronary artery diseases and stroke. Help to prevent degeneration of nerve cells. Help to reduce stress for better sleep. Provide antioxidants to prevent cellular degeneration. Help to resist cellular inflammation. Coenzyme Q10 It is a kind of antioxidant that is important for generating energy to cells with the following properties: Help to improve the function of cardiac muscle. Help to restrain blood clots. Help to reduce cholesterol levels. Help to slow down cellular degeneration. Help to nourish your skin while reducing wrinkles. Help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Direction: Take 1 capsule before going to bed. Advisories/Precautions: Please read instructions and warnings carefully before consuming. γ谷维素 它是从日本优质稻种中筛选出的胚芽和米糠中提取的重要营养成分。谷维素含量最高的部位是胚芽和米糠,具有以下特性: 抗自由基能力比维生素E强6倍,有助于防止异常细胞或癌细胞。 有助于降低血脂、氯酯、低密度脂蛋白和甘油三酯。 降低缺血性心脏病的风险,增强血管。 促进内啡肽的释放,帮助缓解压力,改善睡眠。 有助于保护皮肤免受紫外线伤害。 抑制酪氨酸酶的作用,帮助提亮肌肤。 刺激生长激素释放。 减少钙的流失和患上骨骼疾病的风险。 芝麻素提取物 具有以下性质的木脂素组成: 有助于预防骨软化症,降低关节疾病的风险,同时加强骨骼。 增加胶原蛋白和透明质酸的含量,保持皮肤的水分和弹性。 帮助燃烧脂肪,同时加强肌肉。 减少血液中胆固醇的吸收和合成。 帮助降低血脂,同时可预防冠状动脉疾病和中风。 有助于防止神经细胞退化。 有助于减轻压力,改善睡眠。 给予抗氧化剂有助于防止细胞退化。 有助于抵抗细胞炎症。 辅酶Q10 它是一种抗氧化剂,对细胞产生能量非常重要,具有以下特性: 有助于改善心肌功能。 有助于抑制血凝块。 有助于降低胆固醇水平。 有助于减缓细胞退化。 有助于滋养皮肤,同时减少皱纹。 有助于降低患高血压的风险。 使用方法: 睡前服用1粒胶囊。 忠告/防范措施:食用前请仔细阅读说明。


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