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(No Pm) Phra Somdej Maha Utt 刀枪不入(Protection from Arms) LP Pae 2516

1) No PM to ask details and price 2) Again No PM to ask details and price 3) Leave your contact number I will get back to you ASAP 4) you can by all means PM here "HI" , "PM" , "I am interested " "it is effective? "Price? "How much ? " However, you will NOT get a Single reply as I don't normally log in here :) don't believe you can try ! 5) I don't have 100% working item! If you are looking for 101% working item, pls go to others sellers! 6) Don't waste your own precious time! 7) Rent with trust & confident , in doubt & suspicious , don't rent 8) Make using flower 🌺 pollen holy powder and Buddha blessing! Perfect Condition personal collection , what you see is what You get for all my items listed here. Chanted same year as Pae Sam 3 Pan Highly recommended for personnel working in dangerous professional like the army or police force. Protection from Arms -Impenetrable by projectile, bullets , knife, weapons! Also can tag along with Phra pidta Maha Utt six hand pidta , LP Pae chanted for Thai solider going to Vietnam war in 1971 for going through smooth taisui year for people offending taisui this year (犯太岁) whom has six sense and anticipate themselves will meet with accident or misfortune coming ahead. Please Note: Whatever Mishap will happen will definitely happen and unavoidable, it a matter of help from amulets that you will evade the danger or how hard you will be hit by the misfortune. 会发生的劫数必须会发生,有了佛牌的保佑,佛牌的助力会帮你逃过一劫,或把伤害降到最低点让你安然无恙度过不顺的太岁年。所谓太岁年无灾必有祸,除了到庙里拜太岁也得自己戴个佛牌来保平安或进孝心为家人请佛牌尤其是年长的爸爸妈妈或公公婆婆🙏
2 years ago In Religious Items
Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.


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2019 Jan

highly recommended seller, was able to meet me after work, very helpful and share some of his amulet experience with me.