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Mazda RX-8 1.3 6-speed (A)

"I am selling this insanely Beautiful, Powerful, Scary, Evil White Knight car to the first person to show up here with cash in hand and balls big enough to drive it.” THIS MAZDA RX-8 WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Men will fear you. Women will want you. A flood of manly hormones will fill your bloodstream and by the end of your first drive, you'll have a beard down to your belly button. When I bought this car I was a wee 50 kg weakling; I am now a mighty lumberjack who eats sharks. I have driven this monster all over Singapore and it's never left me stranded. It's powerful enough to cross mountains without even a second thought, but settles into a nice highway groove for hours at a time. This is the Chuck Norris of sports cars. This is a four-wheeled tank, a white Batmobile assault vehicle for guys with no instinct for self-preservation. This is a rocket with no common sense. You don't exactly DRIVE this Sport car; it allows you in it, and it goes... and goes... and goes. Faster and faster, until your love for speed outweighs your fear of death. You will ride faster than your Angles can fly. IT'S LOUD. IT'S MEAN. Pure, distilled testosterone is the only emission from the exhaust pipe. If you can't get laid with this car, you just plain can't get laid, son. This Sport car is a bigger panty-dropper than Brad Pitt's abs. IT'S WORTH EVERY DOLLARS OF WHAT I'M ASKING FOR IT. Your wife will not like this decision you're making. She will tell you it's too small for you. It's too FAST for you. She doesn't like the little tiny passenger seat. Ignore her. Live your own life. Make your own path. She didn't let you get that 82 INCH TV either, remember that? And she refuses to stock the fridge with good beer. She's not on your side, friend-o. She doesn't know you like I do. Like this sport car does. We know you, and we're here for you. however, we need to live with her and being the gentlemen we are, I will throw in the 2 additional suicide doors, which should make the Mrs more comfortable. TEXT ONLY OR CALL ME, if I do not answer, leaves a message; I'm probably off cruising somewhere." Features Powered By A 1.3L Renesis Twin Rotary Water Cooled Engine Producing 211bhp, 6 Speed Auto Transmission With Tiptronic, ABS, Dual SRS Airbags. View specs of the Mazda RX8 (2008-2012) COE till 17Mar 2029 Accessories Factory DVD Player, Front and Reverse Camera, Multi Function Steering Controls, 18" Sports Rims, Sport Seats, Reverse Sensors, Etc. Description Be The Chosen One To Own The Last Few RX-8 Model. Feel The Adrenaline Rush Of This Ferocious White Knight. It Comes with Brand New pearl white (Pink) Paintwork. Hurry!
1 year ago In Used Cars
Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.
18 Mar 2009

Car Details

Age (year)

10 years 10 months



Engine Capacity (cc)

1308 cc

Max Power Output (bhp)

215 bhp



COE Expiry

17 Mar 2029

Loan Estimation

Estimated based on MAS guidelines of min 30% downpayment. Please check with the seller for actual terms!
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2020 Feb

Fast dealing. Seller is very accommodating, and it was a pleasant transaction.