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AR58 Asia Server Full Access Selling as i want to quit genshin not interested in playing it anymore. 5* Characters - C2 Ayaka - C0 Kokomi - C1 Ganyu - C0 Yelan - C2 Diluc -C0 Zhongli -C0 Keqing - C0 Jean - C0 Nilou - C2 Qiqi 5* Weapons - R1 Aqua Simulacra - R1 Amos’ Bow -R1 Everlasting Moonglow - R2 Misplitter Reforged - R2 Skyward Pride - R1 Redhorn Stonethresher - R1 Wolf’s Gravestone 4* Characters - C6 Razor - C6 Xingqiu - C5 Xiangling - C6 Sucrose - C6 Fischl - C2 Bennett - C6 Ningguang - C5 Yanfei - C0 Amber - C4 Gorou - C5 Rosaria - C5 Barbara - C1 Kaeya - C0 Yun jin - C2 Noelle - C0 Shikanoin Heizou - C6 Sayu - C5 Diona - C0 Chongyun - C0 Dori - C0 Kuki Shinobu - C2 Kujou Sara - C6 Beidou - C2 Lisa - C2 Collei - C2 Candace - C1 Thoma - C1 Xinyan Mora: 19764321 Primogems: 368 Crystal: 0 Can nego Payment by: Paynow Payment first‼️

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Noobie Ex

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@tianxia25 days ago

Buyer was fast and responsive. Deal done rapidly. Recommended to deal with.

@oofiokindasells2 months ago

friendly and quick replying buyer, hope to see them again soon

@JamesStore2 months ago

friendly and patient buyer. thanks for the quick deal and enjoy yr pokecoins

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