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Be our guest and add some excitement to your schedule! Schedule a complimentary Cooking Show with us today and discover all the amazing features and benefits of Saladmaster cookware. Our Cooking Shows are the perfect way to enjoy a delightful treat and spice up your week! To be our guest and schedule your complimentary Cooking Show with no Sales Obligation with your family. Please get in touch with me via DM. We will prepare the ingredients and wash the dishes if you opt at your house or you can come to our showroom at near Bugis. No Scam Good to know 👍🏻 Saladmaster cookware is versatile and can be used for wide range of cooking techniques, including sautéing, boiling, frying, baking, and more. Many of our products are designed with multi-functional features, allowing for greater flexibility in the kitchen. Enjoy the Flavor Without the Fat Almost every recipe calls for some type of cooking oil, whether it be sunflower oil, corn oil, palm oil or another option from the wide variety available. However, recent studies show that most cooking oils have little nutritional value and can cause diseases such as heart failure and hypertension, so you may be interested in finding a healthier cooking method for your family. Oil-free cookware is the solution to cooking more nutritional and delicious meals. The experienced team at Saladmaster has developed a healthy cookware set that focuses on the food's rich flavor without the addition of disease-causing oils. Cooking using Saladmaster enables you to skip adding oil, butter or excess fat to flavor your food, so you can make your favorite recipes healthier without sacrificing the taste you love. Our Vapo-Valve makes this possible by creating a semi-vacuum cooking environment that maintains your food's natural flavor by locking in moisture. This feature enables our oil-free cookware to consistently deliver healthy and delicious meals for every occasion. See You Soon ☺️

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