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Finally, You Can Play Badminton / Sepak Takraw ANYWHERE







5 years ago

Q. What's worse than having an empty court that you can't enjoy? A. Having the racket / ball, but missing the all important NET to enjoy the empty court downstairs. For times when you missed the weekly sessions your friends booked the indoor court, but you could't make it... Or even if you'd just like to secretly practice your netting skills so that your opponents will get the shock of their lives the next time you play them. You'll need your own net so that you can play ANYWHERE. Here's a little tip to extend the lifespan of this net: On both ends you use to tie the net to the stands, you'll see the string that looks like it can fray easily. Solution: tie a knot near the end of the string so that your net lasts AMAZINGLY longer. Measures 5.9m by 0.79m, for just about any court to enjoy a game of sepak takraw or badminton. FREE delivery after payment is confirmed. PM or chat to buy so you can now play your favourite sport anywhere, without the hassle of always having to book a court, 7 days in advance, at the stroke of midnight, AND praying that the booking website doesn't crash that night. Take this net and become the master shifu at your sport instantly!

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@jerry343 days ago

Fast and quick response

@secondhandvibes.3 days ago

decisive chill guy 😎👍

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@a.big.potato1 month ago

Great buyer to deal with! Pleasant transaction! Speedy replies. Thank you for your support!

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Hi, is this still available?

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