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9 years ago

Here's how you identify a fake Chrome Hearts by the tag. The real Chrome Hearts tag at the back of the cloths is hand-sew. Thus there are loose connecting threads on the Chrome Hearts logo. Look out for wrong spelling, especially on other insignificant words besides Chrome Hearts. They tend to misspell the "Y"s and "T"s. Also other not so obvious Chrome Hearts original tags include the dotted lines to separated the bar codes So watch out Chrome Hearts Lovers! If you want to get any Chrome Hearts, try to get something that's not a possibly a laughing stock! 1. There is a transparent thread and a white thread neatly crossed-sewed together under the Chrome Hearts CH logo. As you can see in the pic, the sewing is very uniformed and very troublesome for fakes or replicate. 2. The bar-code and serial number on every piece of Chrome Hearts is unique. Which means if you see the same barcode appearing on two different t-shirts, most probably they are selling fake Chrome Hearts and reusing the labels. 3. The "CH" is sewed on and not printed on. 4. The sewing at the back of the Chrome Hearts label is very fine and neat. This is to sew the white and transparent thread in the front of the Chrome Hearts tag as mentioned above. No such thing as factory rejects and "my supplier" told me it's authentic. A lot of them get it from Q10, Taobao, or Facebook but say it's authentic and charge high prices. So beware who you purchase and do review more on the authentic Chrome Hearts. And I do hope those fake Chrome Hearts manufacturer are not reading my post, as I hope they do not make fakes too real... I will be posting more on this next time when I have more information. Not an expert denim, just to know some knowledge about it. Saw a lot of people selling Chrome Hearts and claim that it's authentic. Good luck for all of you guys in buying !

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Pleasant transaction deal with this buyer!!! Very Patient and friendly buyer!!!

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nice buyer and easygoing hope to you see again :)

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Nice buyer and easy to deal with. Very accommodating. I had to work late but he could adjust to my timing. Thank you very much.👍🏻👍🏻

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