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2 weeks ago

welcome all model!! I am an experience mechanic and car enthusiast who loves your car as much as you do. Let me take good care of it for you with my dedicated service, maintenance skills and extremely reasonable rates! I love what I do! Walnut Blasting removes carbon built up and it recommendation as a regular car service treatment to our beloved car. It is safe for car engine and brings about great performance benefits! ✅Smooth engine operation ✅Save fuel consumption ✅Stronger engine power output ✅Smoother car acceleration ✅Prompt engine ignition ✅Every 40,000KM ✅down time 4hours ✅bushing replacement ✅engine oil service ✅ aircond repair ✅coolant leak ✅engine oil leak #bmw #audi #merc #walnutblasting

for enquiries welcome all model!

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@geraldyyy295 days ago

Ah Zu is really an experienced and nice humble guy. Did a real good job on the walnut blasting on my engine and now my car feels so smooth and light... power restored 👍👍 Also he managed to fix up the exposed wirings in both my car headlamps which was causing frequent error codes reflected on my car dashboard. All of his charges were very reasonable... and importantly, he gets the job done. 👍👍

Mercedes e class w212 walnut blasting and repair headlamp wiring


@sgbestprice12 days ago

Thanks for fixing my X5 and making it fly again. Look forward to more works with u!

Bmw X5 535i n55 engine walnut blasting


@sgbestprice13 days ago

Zhu is an excellent mechanic who knows his stuff well! went above and beyond and help me resolve multiple issue with my car in a mere 4 hours! thank you for your advise and will return for your service!

Walnut blasting and service


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