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Dog/Bear Head Vintage Antique Violin 1898


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over a year ago by utnphoon


Dog/Bear Head Vintage Antique Violin 1898 messages from the previous American owner: "Let me say first off, that I know NOTHING about violins... I recently purchased this item at a large estate sale. It was found in the upper loft of a barn.. Inside the violin it has hand written: July 1898, by J. H. Kingsbury, Ravenna O. I took this violin to a restoration specialist for an opinion of condition & value. He said that it was in good structural shape, some blemishes, but no cracks, or other severe damage. He said it was made in the U.S out of American maple. What peaked his interest was the "Dog" or "Bear" at the end of the neck. He said this would be quite a novelty ................" Over the past decade, I have been collecting violins as a hobby. Most of my collection consists of old American and European violins (German, Czech, French, and Italian)dated between 50 to 150 years old, and could be viewed as antiques. Some of them have been played and tested by professional violinists and soloists, and are considered to be of good quality yet reasonably priced (ranging from SGD800 onwards). Due to storage constraints, I have decided to relinquish some of my collection to people who appreciate such violins. There are also some Japanese violins crafted around/between WW1 and WW2, and a numbers of handmade Chinese violins to be sold from SGD500 onwards. Violins are all in working - good playing conditions. All sales do not include other accessories such as violin bows and cases, etc. Some of the violins come with a label, but they do not come with any certificates, and I am no expert, so I cannot guarantee the authenticity of the instruments. From the things that I learned from luthiers that I have come across and some professionals in this field, plus my own knowledge and relevant experience over the years, I can only say that I believe some of the instruments were made by German, French, Czech, Japanese and/or Italian luthiers. So please note that: Your purchase will be based either on your own judgment or you can get advice from an expert before committing, as there will be no return or refund after sales.

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Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your cooperation! It was a great experience! Thanks.

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Very nice and friendly uncle. Sorry for keep you waiting a little bit. Hope you will enjoy the super camera!

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