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Cats best original cat litter


Brand new


Blk 106 Punggol Field



2 weeks ago


For Cats

Cat’s Best original cat litter (10l-4.3kg).. bought from pets lover shop.. brand new not open wrapped in plastic bag. Meet up for products: Nearby Punggol/Sengkang area. Good for cats toilet. Description of product: Cat’s Best Original Litter is the clumping litter that traps and absorbs odors permanently, made exclusively of renewable raw materials which means it is both sustainable and biodegradable. It makes use of the power of refined active wood fibers that effectively absorb and trap moisture and odors deep inside. This neutralizes odors so effectively that the cat litter can remain in the litter tray for up to seven weeks! The pellets function best when you regularly dispose of the solid excretions and clumps that form after the cat has used the litter tray. This saves time and costs and ensures cleanliness and comfort all around. Only the best litter for the best cats in the world! - Naturally soft - just the way cats like it! - Excellent odor-binding - Very economical, highly effective - Compostable and biodegradable - Can be disposed in household toilet. Made in Germany Ingredients: 100% natural organic fibers Size: 10L (4.3kg)

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Xiao Zhu

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@bundle2go9 days ago

Smooth transaction. Seller went the extra mile to take photos to direct me to the meet up place but I still ended up at the wrong block and she had to walk over. Sorry about that!

Cats best original cat litter


@emopapa9 years ago

Great and fast deal!

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