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Business takeover: 3-year-old, full-service Digital Marketing Website with a huge potential to grow can be yours along with pre-listed SOPs and promotional content. PremiumDomain.







2 months ago

A brand that will help you jump-start your SEO marketing career. About the Business: Key Features 1. Top-Rated Digital Marketing Agency 2. Annual Turnover of USD 20,000 (one-man show) 3. Award-Winning Agency for Rising Start in Digital Marketing in 2020 in Calgary 4. 3 Years in Business and Counting 5. Wealth of Digital Assets included 6. Profit Margin of more than 60% 7. Impressive Online Presence 8. Quality Clients Email List What Are We About & What Services Do We Offer? We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that’s known for disrupting Calgary’s Digital scene in 2020. Our solutions help SMEs get notable traction online. What started in 2017, has transformed into an agency that has helped over 15 small businesses with reshaping their entire online marketing. We accomplished that by leveraging diverse social platforms and marketing channels. We have a wide range of services that include SEO, SMM, Google Ads, Web design and branding, and email marketing! How Can You Leverage Our Disruptive Marketing to Make Things Work For Yourself? Unlike other agencies, we’re distinctive in our approach. We like calling ourselves disruptive since we make things happen! Most agencies only target large firms & big corporations with fat budgets. So, they could get exorbitant rates for their services. We could’ve also chosen the same path to make money. But we decided to help SMEs. We did that so they can flourish in an online world stand toe to toe in competition with the big dogs. What’s the Future Like for A Digital Marketing Agency In a Post COVID Word? You probably already know! But according to Forbes, things are going to the moon. Businesses were left scrambling to boost their online presence, and digital marketing agencies will benefit. When you utilize digital marketing and use these services, you have access to a massive audience pool of more than 4.5 billion people. Get A Head Start By Having An Already Established Marketing Agency! We're a brand that's already been established in the market for over three years and has the potential to grow way more. Our established brand and online presence give you the tools you need to succeed. You can reach more customers and grow your business like never before. Ready to help you get up and running with all the digital assets you need, including promotional video, attractive graphics, email accounts & email templates, social media accounts, company overview (eBook), and standards of procedures (SOPs), premium domain, logos & much more! What is included in the sales? You will own the brand and digital assets mentioned above, past clients information and a list of prospects. Note that the company entity will not be sold as you can set up your own entity easily.

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