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Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)



2 weeks ago

Tired of refreshing the BBDC Practical & TPDS booking page to no avail? Just want to get your driver's license ASAP? LOOK NO FURTHER! I am offering the CHEAPEST bot-LESS booking service for both Practical & TPDS (BBDC & PRIVATE) slots! I will be manually booking lessons to your schedule to avoid account suspicion :D Payment will only be done after I have secured the lessons on your account through paynow or paylah! (ZERO charge if I do not get a slot for you so you do not have to worry :D) Please do let me know your availabilities in your schedules and I will do my best to get you a preferred slot! High success rates (Able to get on the SAME or NEXT day 70% of the time!!) Pricing: $8.99 for all Practical Lessons $12.99 for Priority Practical Lessons $100 for TPDS Slots Feel free to DM me for any enquiries! More than happy to help :D Hope you are able to get your license in no time! Terms of service: 1) Dont login to ur acc without my green light as it may compromise success 2) Ensure your account has sufficient balance 3) Reply promptly, and confirm. Payment ONLY made after u get the slot via paylah and paynow 4) Slot success rate depends how free your schedule is. 5) Only provide dates and times you know you can attend. Lesson details will be informed to you at least 20 mins prior. 6) Cancellation is only allowed if the slot falls on the same day as another slot you booked . There will be no refunds given if you are unable to make it for the slot which you requested to search for. The slots you request will be searched for continuously unless you inform me you would like to change.

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@materioLand1 day ago

Fast & effective, able to get slots i want fast👌🏻

BBDC Practical & TPDS Slots Booking


@Ju1cY_item_shop2 days ago

nc buyer

BIG DISCOUNT!!! Cheapest Valorant Boosting


@nyinja3 days ago

Good Service, fast and reliable !!

BBDC Practical & TPDS Slots Booking


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