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TENA Adult Diapers Proskin Slip Super (M size)


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6 days ago

Buy 9 Pack @$80. TENA Slip Super is 100% breathable, so the skin stays comfortable longer. Great for overnight use and is specially designed for semi-mobile/bed-ridden users who are in home care environment. - Prevents heat buildup, skin irritation, and rashes - Comes with ConfioAir(TM) technology, fully breathable materials that help to keep healthy and dry, providing greater comfort to the skin. - Safe & skin-friendly - Dermatologically tested - Better fit - New wide hook tabs let the caregiver secure the diaper easily and provide a better fit. Tabs don't tear off easily, so fit can be adjusted multiple times. - Protects against leakage - Curved leg elastics and an elastic waistband contour to the body shape and provide superior leakage protection - Locks away urine quickly - The core is designed with surface inlets that direct urine into the highly absorbent core, preventing leakage. - Feel fresh and confident - Odours caused by bacteria and ammonia from urine are neutralized to help your loved one feel fresh and secure. - Wetness indicator - The colored design on the outside of the diaper changes from yellow to blue when TENA Slip Plus is ready to be changed. TENA Slip range comes in three absorbency levels: Plus, Super, and Maxi. Plus is excellent for moderate to heavy or day use, while Super is recommended for overnight use. Maxi is suitable for those with high absorbency needs. World's no. 1 brand, TENA is used in most of the hospitals and nursing homes in Singapore and has been in the continence care industry for more than 50 years. TENA Slip Super M - 10pcs/pack


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would deal again

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