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Coffee With The King Of The Forest And Thanks to a Humble Airwheel MarsRover Handle 💃(for reference only)




Big Box


We encourage all buyers to ensure that e-scooters are registered with LTA and UL2272 certified before purchasing them and using them in Singapore. Buyers should ensure that the registration of the e-scooters are transferred to their name during purchase.


4 years ago

The Airwheel MarsRover handle is like the carriage for the King🤴🏼! Without it you can only ride and ride your black knight but cannot land😕 If you do land will break your back carrying it or have to bow over to push the wheel ! But King don't bow and only command where to go😊 So here we successfully use the MarsRover and blend it into the new Monster nose and now we have a very tame knight that will follow wherever you go🎉🚀 The Monster is optional if you wish to own one and crown by here to enquiry and buy🎉

We have recently spent many hours working with the factory to make Monster compliant with LTA with regard to weight👍 It is now 20kg on the weight limit! Speed too will be cap at 25km/h🙏with factory setting and lock in on the Apps. To unlock a special code is required and only authorized by places and country specific. We have also found a good quality backpack to carry your single 800wh external battery pack. For 2x800wh you can buy a bigger water bag to accommodate 👍 #tag Airwheel, #tag Ninebot One A1 S2 P #tag Inmotion V5F+ V5D, V8, #tag IPS zero, #tag KingSong KS14C , #Gotway MCM2s 3 ACM 16 and Msuper V3

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FlyingRat MBR

Joined 6 years ago
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@bowen.liew26 days ago

Friendly and easy to communicate. Thumb up!

@libertycarbon1 month ago

Friendly chap to chat with, Very flexible with meetup/delivery. Steady and Decisive 10/10

@happilyevaaafter.co2 months ago

great seller to deal with. friendly! thank you!

King Song 18L - LTA weight compliant EUC with 518wh battery(RRP $2589.90) it come with a spare 518wh battery(for export only)


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