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White Lace Halter Neck Crochet Dress





6 years ago

Hahha I bought this from a really nice seller. She agreed to meet me at my tuition centre in Tampines. I gave her the address I copied from google. Whichever asshole who put up the address put the wrong block so she went to the wrong place omg. Ya but she was so nice and still walked over to find the place!! :') ya la but if u r related to the stupid asshole who gave the wrong add please give him a slap on my behalf. When I bought it I was like 66 kg and my god 我的手臂很大. I looked like a peach. So paiseh. Now I'm 56 kg and i can fit nicely woohoo!! Nah I'm selling this mainly bc like I make horrid financial decisions. Like what the hell man yesterday I spent $4.20 on a jara petit jar cake that was miserably small lor come I show u the size of the jar. 好吃啦可是不划算 lor. Stupid. Also I have a total of 3 white dresses. No trades or negos pls! :-)

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@holeinyourpocket6 years ago

She was nice at first for saying that I don't have to pay for the additional $1 charge for mailing. But after she said that she'd mailed she just MIA-ed??? And I've not receive my mail since like 3rd June. She did come back saying that she was confused with me and the other customers, so she said that she will mail the next day. And after she said she mailed MY ITEM she MIA again. What the fuckery I'm so confused. Where's your responsibilities ??? Or rather are you a fucking scammer lol

@dachapalang6 years ago

Very prompt in answering my questions, and also quite accommodating to me. :) Hope to deal with u again!

@jonnyjonn6 years ago

ITEM WAS IN GOOD CONDITION SHE IS VERY ENCOURAGING SHE KINDA MOTIVATE ME TO WORK EXTRA HARDER. Imagine you had a long day in school and come back with a encouragement note plus the book you ordered! Hahah thanks dude!!! Great seller to deal with! Speedy replies Pleasant transaction! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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