Best Curtains & Blinds service providers in Singapore 2022

Curtains or blinds? Whatever option you choose for your room makeover, keep in mind that there are other factors besides aesthetics to take into account. After all, window decorations have purposes beyond aesthetic appeal. What about the follow-up steps, such as curtain or blind installation or maintenance, after you've made your choice? Be at ease. You can rely on Carousell. Customized blinds, curtains, tracks, and poles can be purchased from Carousell along with installation and fitting services. We can also provide design, technical needs, and measurement advice. Handyman and service providers will help you locate the ideal window treatment whether you have very big windows, want a custom window treatment, or simply need help estimating and installing. With hundreds of options in our sample booklets, including fabrics, wood, and steel, you're sure to find something that inspires you. Our blinds may be customized to practically any requirement. You can book a call consultation with us so that we can correctly measure your space once you've determined the style of blinds or curtains you need and the fabric you want to use. As part of our service, we'll also determine your precise fabric needs and provide an estimate for in-home fitting. Consider service providers at Carousell for your curtains and blinds installation for the following reasons: Hundreds of options available 1. Quality of materials used 2. Practical customizations 3. Easy to maintain 4. Cost Worthy. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Carousell

Curtains & Blinds in Singapore

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to shut out the harsh street lights that pierce your eyelids and keep you awake? Do you prefer curtains that block the strong light without completely darkening the space? Weary of cleaning curtains? The good news is that Carousell's selection of curtains installation Singapore and blinds is the ideal resolution for all of these problems. Carousell's range of window dressings is certain to meet all of your needs, from our exquisitely patterned curtains made of quality linen to shielded blinds. Our selection of curtains installation and blinds can help you make the most of any area, including its windows, whether you want to filter out light, add color to the room, or create a comfortable hideout. For every type of establishment, Carousell's extensive selection of window furnishings has something to offer. No matter the necessity or the budget, we have something for everyone owing to the wide range of options and rates. At Carousell, we think that the ideal ambiance should be created in homes and workplaces to suit every mood. And with our gorgeous blinds, we hope to transform your house into a lovely and peaceful haven. With our world-class revolutionary features, designs, and efficient production process, we assure you get only the finest. We are leaders in smart light management and controlled blinds installation, Singapore. Our style consultants will collaborate with you to recommend the appearance that best fits your requirements. We can help you choose the ideal blinds installation to match the character of your home, whether you want to give your room a modern, contemporary design or a classic feel. For those who think that minimalism is the height of sophistication and that less is more. Carousell has a style that consists of pale colors and delicate touches. The combination of blinds and curtain installation can do miracles for creating the ideal balance in this eclectic space. The business and design professionals at Carousell can provide you with adaptable, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions. You can customize the amount of daylight that enters the room with Carousell's blinds to suit your preferences. Additionally, blinds can be created to demand so that you can install fittings that match the precise window measurements. It's reasonable, right? The fact that Carousell's blinds are simple to maintain, with many variations only needing a quick wipe with a towel to look brand new, is another significant advantage. Blinds are even easier to keep because you may leave them hanging while you're cleaning. A room's curtains give it an air of majesty. Additionally, you can decorate your room however you choose because of their customizability. Think about all the different types of textures that are available at Carousell, not to mention the vast array of curtain rods installation, finials, curtain track installation and holdbacks that we provide in our marketplace. Additionally, curtains don't need to be modified for fit. The roller blinds installation process is incredibly rapid and practical because you position them to cover the edge of the windows. In addition to being excellent at blocking light, blinds and curtains are also excellent at doing the same for noises. Blinds and curtains cleaning from Carousell can both function as efficient sound buffers, reducing outside noise and enhancing the tranquilly of the room depending on the material and whether they are organized or not. Rooms may be kept cooler in the summers and warmer in the winter due to the material's ability to keep heat in or out. Installing curtains above blinds can also double the barrier and your illumination options. What a win-win situation! Order the fittings that best suit your house by browsing Carousell's online selection of blinds, curtain rods, and accessories. As an alternative, look through our inventory for various window décor ideas before making a choice. You can discover that you end up making the opposite decision from what you planned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sheer curtains are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen windows because they look exquisite and provide a light, airy sense. Weeping, organic lines and tiny, ditsy blooms are popular roman blind designs when it comes to blinds.

Although blinds may be more useful in a smaller room, curtains will provide superior light control. If you choose a blind, make sure it is wider and longer than the window to reduce light drift.

The cost depends on a variety of factors, but a typical range is between $210 to $1,226 with an average of $706.

On Carousell, you can find more than 50 installation experts for drapes and blinds who will provide you with the greatest services.