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Used Smart Watches for Sale in Singapore

Over the recent years, smartwatches have become a must-have for the denizens of the world. It not only serves as a style symbol but also is utilitarian for fitness enthusiasts.

Today there are so many brands selling smartwatches, one better than the other, at attractive prices. The accessibility of the gadget along with its alluring qualities, make us want to try each latest release the day it sets its foot in the market. What we don’t realize is the impact our “curiosity” for new gadgets is doing to the ecosystem.

If we must, buying second-hand products is far more beneficial for the environment in the current times. Not to mention, buying second-hand electronics is friendlier to the wallet as well. It enables you to fit two gadgets in the budget of one, and you can focus more on the brand, quality, specifications than the price.

For this, Carousell a safe and secure online shopping platform is known for its certified range of electronics, new and used through verified sellers.

It houses plenty of the best smartwatches in Singapore, with different specifications and a diversity of brands. Carousell is renowned for selling good quality, cheapest electronics at irresistible prices with attractive offers and deals, alongside providing a memorable user experience to buyers and sellers alike.

Brands like Xiaomi, Casio, Apple, Huawei can be found under the category of Mobiles and Gadgets on the Carousell website. From second hand Apple watches to the best smartwatches for women and kids, the price range of these watches start at S$100. However, it can vary according to the brand, condition, and features of the smartwatch.

With each brand name, the features enhance. Every smartwatch for sale on Carousell fulfils the expectations of its customers with having a minimum of 24-hour battery life, LCD touch display, heart rate monitor and sleep, fitness tracker.

The watches are packaged with their original charging cables, case, and original strap. Many of the listed products are equipped with GPS and other functionalities as well.

Though the smartwatches for sale on Carousell are under the manufacturer’s warranty period, sellers also offer a local warranty of a year, as well as an option of return within 7 days. The warranty status of the listed product can be checked in the product description.

Buyers are requested to double-check the mentioned specifications, durability, and warranty, examine the genuineness of the product and the documents promised before the sale.

An alternative between meet-up and mailed delivery is always a supplementary advantage that is provided to the sellers and buyers at the time of purchase.

Sellers can be reached with Carousell’s online chat section or with the contact details that are provided in the product description.

The in-app Carousell Protection Plan is highly recommended for all users, for a hassle-free experience online. Carousell Protection promises free shipping, with a guaranteed dispatch within 5 days, and shipped with care. Additional security while processing payments, refunds, and assured data protection from start to finish, is also an added benefit of subscribing to the Protection Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is buying a smartwatch safe at Carousell?

Carousell assures a safe purchasing experience for all its customers, with verified sellers and genuine listings.

For added security, the in-app Carousell Protection provides its users with safer transactions with supported payment methods and customer support.

How much does a smartwatch cost on Carousell?

You will find new as well as used smartwatches on Carousell, with a variety of specifications at an alluring price range.

The minimum price of a second-hand smartwatch on Carousell is around S$100, with a charging cable and strap included.

Can I return products to Carousell?

  • Yes, you can initiate refunds after subscribing to the Carousell Protection plan. You can request a refund if the item purchased has not been delivered, has missing parts, or is of a different variation, colour, model, version, or size.
  • To inform the seller about the issue with the consignment, the buyer can raise an issue in the Carousell chat.
  • The seller is needed to refund the buyer, via the platform as earliest as possible.
  • The refund can be expected within 2 hours if the payment is made via DBS Paylah!, otherwise about 7-10 days if generated via credit/debit cards.

Which type/brand of smartwatches is the best to buy?

You can access a huge variety of brands on Carousell, on the left-hand side of the webpage. The most popular brands available for sale online are Apple, Fitbit, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

Does Carousell sell only used items?

No, buyers have lots of options to choose from, between certified used products and brand new items. The landing pages have an option of “Item condition”, from which the condition; how new a product is can be chosen.