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Carousell has always aimed at being a helping hand for not only the people but for the environment too. Thus, Carousell came up with the idea of developing a platform where people could buy and sell second-hand products. While this will help in fulfilling the needs of the people at very affordable prices, it will also help in reducing the stress from nature by minimizing the load of non-biodegradable waste and electronic waste. Also, using the pr-owned products will be able to bring the product to its maximum serving capacity reducing the wastage of the products.

Water dispensers and water purifiers use different technology to purify water. For example, there are some water purifiers with radiation technology, while some use filtering processes, thus there is a wide range of varieties available to the buyer. Looking at the price, a well-used water purifier will cost something around S$80, while a brand-new water purifier can cost you S$400 depending on the technology used in it. Some water purifiers are even equipped with a pH balancer which not only filters the water from the impurities but will also maintain the pH of the water, making it appropriate for the body to consume. The most popular brands listed on Carousell are Xiaomi, Philips, Hyflux, 3M, OSIM, FilTech, and several more.

Buying at Carousell is very easy, and there is nothing to be worried about. While buying a second-hand item, you are given the option of a chat window which can be used by the buyer to talk to the seller and get all their required information. On top of that, if the seller has provided contact information, then a buyer can easily talk to the seller and even go for a meeting where they can check the papers and documents along with having a look at the product. One can also make the deal then and there, but this is all possible only when the seller is willing to abide by the desires of the buyer.

As this was about second-hand products, let us have a look at brand new items. For the purchase of a brand-new product, the buyer is required to read all the information given in the product’s description to ensure that they are satisfied with it all before they make the final transaction. There is also information given regarding the warranty period, the durability, the materials used, the manufacturing company, the principal technology, the filtering process, the equipment, and the warranty period.

While most of the products are eligible for free shipping, there are instances where this service is not available, and the buyer must pay a shipping fee for getting the product delivered to their doorsteps. Also, buyers can choose between getting products delivered to their doorsteps or being picked up from a certain location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price of water purifiers on Carousell?

The price of a water purifier is dependent on the category it falls in, whether it is brand new, like new, well used, and so on. For example, a brand new one might cost you around S$ 450 depending on the model and capacity, while a well-used one might cost around S$ 80. Thus, we can say that there is no fixed price, and it might vary with different factors.

Is free shipping available at Carousell?

Yes, most of the products are eligible for free delivery. Similarly, one can easily choose the type of delivery that they want. You can choose the doorstep delivery option so that you will be able to receive your purchase at your doorsteps. Carousell has both the options of free shipping and home delivery available.

Is Carousell a safe place to buy pre-owned items?

Yes, Carousell is safe as it is an authentic platform that has both the license and permission from the authorities to carry out this work. If we talk about the seller and the buyers, then Carousell has some really strict policies that are required to be followed by them at any cost. Similarly, when a seller puts up their product for sale, then they are required to verify their documents and product so that there is no scope of trouble from the end of the seller.

How to get a refund for a returned product?

Absolutely, getting a refund is very much possible, if the payment of the purchase was made by the Carousell Protection payment method and the item purchased has not been delivered, has missing parts, or is of a different variation, color, model, version, or size.

The Carousell Protection payment method offers the customers free shipping, hassle-free returns, and refunds, as well as secured transactions.

Does Carousell sell only used products?

Customers can purchase new as well as used products on Carousell. We offer a platform for both types of products.

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