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New and Used Washing Machines and Dryers for Sale in Singapore

Trying to reverse the degradation process of the earth and provide people with an alternative to get their needs fulfilled without putting a lot of stress on their bank balance, Carousell is a user-friendly platform for the sale and purchase of pre-owned as well as new products, at amazing bargains. Sellers can easily register and sell their products on Carousell, while customers who need such items can buy them. This made purchasing of items more affordable and helped the environment by putting a lesser burden to degrade the non-biodegradable and electronic waste.

Washing machines and dryers are something that makes life a lot easier. While the prices are dependent on the company that manufactured it, one can still expect the range of brand-new automatic washing machines to be around S$ 1000 while the cost of a used washing machine may range somewhere around S$ 150. Thus, the people who cannot afford to buy a brand-new washing machine can get a pre-owned dryer and washing machines to meet their requirements. Different brands available on Carousell are Beko, Bosch, Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Whirlpool, Toshiba, and several others.

While buying is very easy, the buyers are required to follow certain rules and regulations. Similarly, the sellers are required to follow the guidelines before they put their products up for sale. The seller has to get their documents and papers verified so that there is no scope for any type of fraud. This makes both the seller and buyer assured that the platform is secure and will not end up with any kind of loss or trouble.

While buying pre-owned products can sometimes make people apprehensive about certain things, you also get the option of buying the latest and brand-new products with Carousell. Not only this, but you get the option to choose from the top brands along with their latest models in the category of washing machines and dryers.

Washing machines come with the capacity of the load that they can wash in one go. While there are different capacities available, the prices also decrease and increase as per that. Also, the type of washing machine you are buying, whether fully automatic, manual help required, and so on, will be a factor determining the price. So, before making the transaction, make sure that you have all the information required regarding the type of washing machine or dryer you are getting.

There are also the options of pick-up and doorstep delivery available; thus, one can also choose the type of delivery they want. Similarly, when buying a pre-owned product, you can also ask the seller to show you the product before making the final deal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the prices of a Washing Machine?

The price of a washing machine is dependent on the category of the washing machine, whether it is brand new, like new, well used, and so on. For example, a brand new one might cost you around S$ 999 depending on the model and capacity, while a well-used one might cost around S$ 130. Thus, we can say that there is no fixed price, and it might vary with different factors.

Can I get a refund at Carousell?

Yes, you can get a refund if the payment of the purchase was made by the Carousell Protection payment method and the item purchased has been delivered damaged or is of a different variation or model. The Carousell Protection payment method offers the customers free shipping, hassle-free returns, and refunds, as well as secured transactions.

Does Carousell sell brand new products too?

Yes, Carousell is competent with new goods as well as with pre-own products. There is no scope for worries regarding Carousell being a platform only for pre-owned products and not meeting the demand for new goods.

Are free shipping and home delivery available at Carousell?

Yes, most of the products are eligible for free delivery. Similarly, one can easily choose the type of delivery that they want. You can choose the doorstep delivery option so that you will be able to receive your purchase at your doorsteps. Thus, we can say that Carousell has both the options of free shipping and home delivery available with them for the customer to choose from.

Is Carousell a safe place to buy pre-owned items?

Yes, Carousell is safe as it is an authentic platform with both the authorities' license and permission to carry out this work. If we talk about the seller and the buyers, then Carousell has some really strict policies that are required to be followed by them at any cost. Similarly, when a seller puts up their product for sale, they are required to verify their documents and product so that there is no scope of trouble from the seller's end.